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  1. +1 Great RP All round from these guys and would love to see them on V2
  2. -1 Agree With Chippo
  3. -1 They Have Been Involved In Alot Of The Hostile RP's And I Think A Hostile Attitude To The Server Isn't The Way To Go
  4. +1 Great Idea Guys Would Love To See This In Action
  5. +1 Have Had Nothing But Good RP With These People
  6. +1 When My Brother Before He Passed Owned The Taxi Business There Were 2 Employee's He Couldn't Shut Up About One Was My Nephew & The Other Was His Private Driver Who Worked In The Limo Division Of Downtown Cab Co. He Was Saying How He Couldn't Turn The Taxi Business Around But They Were The Two People Who Could Now That My Nephew Has Stepped Down From The Business My Brother Helped Get Where It Is Today I Would Like The Other Person My Brother Couldn't Shut Up About To Take The Reign's And Try Make Downtown Cab Co. Into What It Should've Been From The Start The Heart Of Los Santos -Ricky Michaelson
  7. Alot Better Just Need A Roster
  8. Would Love More Organisation & Effort Put Towards Application
  9. Krillen

    Slovlak Mafia

    +1 Great Gang And Great Rp Would Love To See Them Played Out More Only Thing Is To Work On Their Etiquette To Other Players & Be More Open To On The Spot Roleplay Instead Of Thoroughly Thought Out RP
  10. Krillen

    Mitty - FearRP

    Extended Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BypHNHihc8c&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=Maniac
  11. Krillen

    Mitty - FearRP

    This Report Is Now : Resolved Due To Closeness To Vehicle This Would Be A Fair Response & Isn't Considered Fail Fear RP.
  12. Krillen

    Mitty - FearRP

    This Report Is Now Under Investigation. Thanks For Helping This Community Be A Better Place
  13. This Report Is Now Under Review
  14. +1 Love The Effort Put Into This Application

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