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  1. HWP Application for <Krillen>

    Highway Patrol Application Section 1 - Requirements 1.1) Do you have a working Microphone? YES 1.2) Are you proficient in English (Speaking, Understanding, and Writing)? YES 1.3) Do you have associations with any criminal faction(s)?NO 1.4) Do you have Discord & Teamspeak installed?YES 1.5) Are you able to use Teamspeak at all times while on duty?yes 1.6) If there was 3 police on would you go on duty ? Definately 1.7) Are you rank Officer 3 or above on the character selected below ? NO The reason 1.7 is so important is to ensure that the best of the best are selected. This makes you the first place others will turn to for guidance and others will look to as a role model, your conduct is on display. By continuing below you are agreeing to lead by example. Section 2 - Personality Profile 2.1) Do you possess Integrity, Selflessness, and Professionalism? YES 2.2) Can you work and function alone and as part of a team? YES 2.3) Are you precise and accurate when completing tasks? YES 2.4) Can you uphold the Code of Conduct behind the uniform? YES 2.5) Do you have others that can vouch for your professionalism ? Germanfox Section 3 - In-Character Information (Server Character) 3.1) Full Name (IGN): Wayne Kerr 3.2) Steam Name : Krillen 3.3) Age: 27 3.4) Prior Education/Training (: Recruit , Officer 1 , Medical Training , Pilot Training In EMS 3.5) Prior Employment/Experience (Company/Duties/Positions): FD 3.6) Ever arrested/convicted of a felony crime ? If so, explain.: No Only Speeding Twice 3.7) Why do you want to join the Highway Patrol ? (minimum of 60 words) I Love The Team Highway Offers Ive Worked With Darkshot, Matrix & Musicstrings While And Officer & I Feel We Worked Well Together & Upheld A Great Standard In The Police Force. I Moved From Recruit To Officer Within 1 Month Of Joining The Force (1 Hour) I Always Ask GermanFox If There Is Any More Training I Can Do And Always Willing To Learn 3.8) What makes you a good candidate to join Los Santos Highway Patrol ? (minimum of 60 words) Ive Worked With Alot Of People Who Are In Highway Ive Helped Recruits Even When I Was A Recruit Always Listened To My Higher Ups And Correcting Them When They Are Wrong I Believe Respect Goes A Long Way And Highway Has Earnt That Respect From Me 3.9) Additional information about yourself: (minimum of 60 words) My Family Died In A House Fire When I Was Younger I Was The Only Survivor So I Was An Orphan Until I Was 18 Where I Left The Orphanage & Joined The Fire Department After Doing All My Training I Can Do In Fire Department It Got Boring And I Wanted Something More Which For Me Was Police Department & Now Highway Patrol Unit Section 4 - Out-Of-Character Information (In real Life) 4.1) Discord / Forum name: Krillen 4.2) Age: 18 4.3) Country: Australia 4.4) Timezone GMT : AEST 4.5) Do you play on other servers? If so, which and how long? NO 4.6) Past Police RP Experience: NO 4.7) What do you think needs improving for Highway Patrol ? Activeness 4.8) Where do you think Highway Patrol is required to be on duty ? Anywhere They Are Needed Highway Being Main Priority If They need To Help in City So Be It Same As County & Attending Robberies But Highways Should Always Be Their Main Concern 4.9) What do you think is good about Highway Patrol ? The Highway Patrol Team Is A Great & Formidable Team 4.10) If you were in control, what would you change, improve, add, take away? More Stricter Guidelines On Activeness Is All 4.11) Anything else OOC that you think you can contribute to your application or the faction? Germanfox , Darkshot , Cetrix , Shadoo , Why , Mudcrab
  2. Lunatix MC

    I Have Roleplayed With These Guys Couple Times Ingame As My O'Neil Character & Had Nothing But Fun & Resourceful Roleplay Big Jump From The Constant Killing Which This Server Was Induced To For A Long Time
  3. O'Neil Brothers

    @Quiggs Thanks For Your Support Man With The AP Pistols , Most Gangs Have This
  4. The Degenerates

    Places O'Neil Family Link In Application
  5. LSFD Application for <Krillen>

    Pre-Application Check Application Type: Volunteer (Delete the not applicable option) May Become Perm Did you sign up on the Roster?: Yes Have you received your callsign? If so, provide it here: NO Los Santos Fire Department Application Section 1: Requirements Do you have a working Microphone? YES Are you proficient in English (Speaking, Understanding, and Writing) YES Do you have associations with any criminal faction(s)? NO Do you have Discord installed?YES Are you able to use Discord at all times while on duty? YES Section 2: Personality Profile What traits do you possess that could be beneficial to the FD? Im Very Aware Of Everything Around Me And I Love Modern Medicine I Love Helping People And Not Afraid Getting My Hand Dirty When Needed Describe how you are able to work both as part of a team and when left to your own initiative. Radio Communication Is Beneficial When Working As Team Without It You Will Have Multiple EMS Show Upto Scenes When Not Needed & Make Others Wait So When Working As A Team Ill Try To Let My Other EMS Opperatives Know Where I Am At All Times And When Im Responding To Calls And What Calls I Am Responding To. When Working Alone Its Easy To Make Sure I Am At Scenes For The Shortest Time Possible While Still Maintaining A Positive Amount Of RP While Doing So So Instead Of Chit Chat You Will See Who Is Hurt & Where They Are Hurt You Will Treat Them And Escort Them Back To Hospital If Needed Leaving Them With The Doctors There & Respond To As Many Calls As Possible What do you find are the most difficult decisions to make? When Someone Is Dead Its Always Hard To Accept You Cant Save Everyone And It Gets Me Everytime How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations? I Try not To Show It Worst Thing Is When Treating Someone To Keep A Strong Self Because It Will Show Them Feel Your Confident And Make Them Calm. If You Show Stress They Will Be Stressed Aswell And Thats Bad In Our Line Of Work What can we expect from you in your first 2 Weeks? Teamwork , Respect , Speedy But Impactful EMS Work , Activeness Section 3: In-Character Information Full Name: Barry O'Neil Age: 24 Prior Education/Training: Chemistry & Physics Prior Employment/Experience (Company/Duties/Positions): None Ever arrested/convicted of a felony crime? If so, explain. No Why do you want to join the Fire Department? (minimum of 60 words) I Feel As Though The Presence On The Server Is Lacking And Needs More Emergency Services When My Family House "Had An Accidental Gas Leak & Blew Up" It Took Fire Department 4 Hours Before They Attended I Watched My Family Die Before My Eyes With My Brother Jack & I Want To Make An Impact On This World What makes you a good candidate to join LSFD-EMS? (minimum of 60 words) I Work Great As A Team & Even Better By Myself I Show Respect For Everyone & Can Listen To Orders When Needed. I Fight To Save People & Make Sure No One Needs To Go Through What I Did And This Is Why I Think I Wouldnt Be A Good Candidate I Would Be An Exceptional Candidate. Additional information about yourself: (minimum of 60 words) My Family Died In An Explosion And It Really Killed Me I Spent Most Of My Years With My Brother Rebuilding My Family House And Now Its Completed I Want To Make A Difference & I Feel EMS Is This Difference And I Will Help Anyone Who Needs My Help Whether Im On-Duty Saving Peoples Life Or Off-Duty Needed To Help Someone Who Has Fallen Over And Grazed Their Knee No Matter How Hurt I Will Be There Helping Section 4: Out-of-Character Information Nickname / Forum name: Krillen Discord Name and ID: Krillen Gender: Male Age: 18 Country: Australia Timezone: - AEST Are you part of any factions on your alt character? Im A Taxi General Manager/Co Owner & PD Officer 1 Have you had any admin punishment or action on any of your characters? If so please explain. None Past Medical RP Experience: None What do you think needs improving for FD/EMS? If you were in control, what would you change, improve, add, take away? Awareness & Activeness Punish People For Being Inactive With Demotions & Award People Who Are Active Do you have any police or medical professional references? Please list their names. No Anything else OOC that you think you can contribute to your application or the faction? No
  6. Removal Of Twitter First Of All Twitter Is A Big Part Of The Servers Metagaming & Also Just People Posting Up Their Cleaning Services I Think This Is Unrealistic A Bussiness Wouldnt Post Up The Are "Cleaning Dirty Money" Without Getting Police Attention In Real Life You Would Ask People And Get Redirected Till You Find Someone Who Cleans Your Money . Like Viper Stated To Me - When in Police Negotiations A Robber Wouldnt Be Posting On Social Media Neither Would Police They Would Have Direct Lines In And Out Only Communication Would Be Between PD & Robbers. This Would Also Stop The Issue Of People Coming To Bank Robberies Just To Watch Confusing Officer & Stuff Removal of Contract Kill's In Discord This Is A Suggestion Aswell Remove Contract Kills From Discord This Supports A Whole Lot Of Metagaming. People Post The Usernames Of People Using No RP To Post It Up Leaving RP To People Who Are Completing These Kills I Think For Contract Kills To Work Efficiently Like Viper Said Contract Kills Should Have Someone Ingame Middle Man This Person Receives The Hit From The Client And Offers The Contracts Out To People Who May Need Money This Also Induces Alot Of RP Where The Middle Man Will Need To Be Found By Users Ingame The Middle Man Will Need Requirements Such As : PHOTO OF PERSON WHO YOU WANT DEAD INGAME NAME E.G BOB MICHAELSON AN UPFRONT PAYMENT TO MIDDLEMAN FOR HOLDING CONTRACT & IF CONTRACT IS CLOSED OR OPEN I Feel This Will Help Combat Most Metagaming Ingame At This Moment
  7. player report- chaunisea

    This Report Is Now Closed. @SirDoge & @EvilEyes Have Already Dealt With This Situation
  8. player report- chaunisea

    This Report Is Now Under Investigation.
  9. Krillen - Appealing My Mod

    Appealing: Staff Team Removal - MOOGLE Username: Krillen Discord Name with #Identifier: (If Applicable): Krillen Offences/Charges Issued: Sitting By & Letting Comments Be Said Without Stepping In & Also Believed Comments That I Said Such As "50 Bucks For A Blowjob" In Which I Didnt Say Where Alot Of People Think I Said Who issued them: Senior Staff Team Why should we repeal it: Because This Has Been My First Issue As A Staff Member Where i Have Been In The Wrong I Understand What Was Said Is Wrong And Spoken To EvilEyes, Paul About Where I Had No Issue In Getting In Trouble For Standing By I Just Feel Losing My Rank As Moderator Was Abit Harsh Of A Punishment. Ive Always Listened To Higher Up Admins And Never Biased Towards Other Issues Even Solving An Issue With Chaunisea When I First Became T-Mod Which is Widely Known Due To Real Life Issues We Dont Like Eachother I Feel Same With Sachhi I Dont Like Her. I Feel I May Have Been To Biased Towards Her During This Situation And The Way I Dealt With It ( Sitting By And Letting These Comments Be Said ) Was Wrong On My Part And Feel A Punishment Should Be Handed Out Towards Me But I Feel Losing My Mod On An Incident Is A Harsher Punishment Then Deserved I Ask That You Read This As An Apology On My Part To Everyone Involved In The Investigation As I Was Entirely In The Wrong Not Dealing With It And Not Trying To Defend Myself Of My Actions When The Comments Were Being Said I Ask That I Can Get Another Chance As This Is My First Incident And I Would Like To Prove Myself From This Incident And I Have Realised My Wrong Doings. I Will Be Writing An Apology To Sachhi About My Failure To Do My Duty As A Staff Member. Supporting evidence EVIDENCE REDACTED - MOOGLE < My Apology To Sachhi When Asked Not To Go Into Detail By Marty,Evil & Paul
  10. O'Neil Brothers

    O'Neil Brothers The O'Neil Brothers Are A Family Of Inbred Rednecks & Meth Dealers In Grapeseed , Blaine County With Relations To Trevor Phillips & Lost MC After Taking Over Trevor Phillips Drug Dealing With Los Santos Triads Trevor Came And Attacked The O'Neil Family Ranch Killing Most Of The O'Neil Family With Very Few O'Neil Family Members Surviving The Two Brothers Barry & Jack O'Neil Started Laying Low Until They Could Get Their Family House Rebuilt Which They Did And Fresh & Ready To Take Over The Meth Bussiness Again Barry Has Taken Charge With His Brother Jack At His Side And Recreated His Family With Close Friends Which Is Now Called The O'Neil Brothers. Members & Ranks Big Brother : Barry O'Neil (Krillen) Brothers: Jack O'Neil (Pooface) Meth Cooks : Ellie Knight (Eley) Drug Runners : Vacant x7 What Will The O'Neil Brothers Be Doing Drug Running Cooking Kidnapping Robberies Hostage Situations Funny Roleplay Situations Selling Meth , Weed , Opium & Coke Money Cleaning O'Neil Ranch What Do We Want As The O'Neil Brothers For Weapons We Would Like Baseball Bat : Hammer : AP Pistol : Sawed Off Shotgun : For Vehicle We Would Like Rat Loader : Dune Loader : Brawler : We Would Also Like A Circle For Interations Such As Cleaning, Storing Stuff Such As Guns , Drugs. Ingame Ranks Possibly A Blip At Our House To Change Into Hillbilly Npc Clothing
  11. SWAT Application for <Krillen>

    SPECIAL WEAPONS AND TACTICS APPLICATION You MUST be an OFFICER II or above to put an application in Section 1 - Requirements 1.1) Name: Place answer here. Jake 1.2) Discord: Place answer here. Krillen 1.3) Timezone: Place answer here. AEST 1.4) Age: Place answer here. 18 1.5) Times you will be on mostly: Place answer here. 8AM - 11PM Section 2 - In-Character Information 2.1) Full Name: Place answer here. Imer Waynekerr 2.2) Steam Name: Place answer here. Krillen 3.3) Why do you want to join SWAT?(MINIMUM OF 60 WORDS) Place answer here. I Was In The Military For 12 Years Been On 4 Tours And Have Alot Of Medals Behind My Name I've Always Love The Military But When My Wife Had My 3rd Kid She Asked Me To Stay Home And Help Take Care Of The Children Instead Of Being Away For Years At A Time So I Retired From The Military And Joined The Police Force But That Wasnt Enough For Me I Wanted Something More And I Feel Swat Is That. 3.4) What will you bring to the team?(MINIMUM OF 60 WORDS) Place answer here. I Have Military Training , I Work Well In Teams Or Independantly When Needed, I Can Follow Any Orders And Not Afraid To Get My Hands Duty On The Line Of Work, I Dont Care What The Job Brings If Its Some Days Catching Individuals Doing Drugs To Handing Out Speeding Tickets. Every Officer I Have Teamed Up With Has Said That Im A Formidable Officer With Great Teamwork 3.5) What weapons would you be bringing if a bank robbery was to occur? Place answer here. I Would Bring My Tazer To Just Incase Lethal Is Not Needed , Combat Pistol As A Secondary , Tear Gas As A Way To Weed Out People Doing Robbery If There Are No Hostages, Carbine Rifle As Primary Weapon & Shotgun When Breaching Into Enclosed Rooms & Also A Sniper Rifle If There Is Enough Foot Patrol On Ground And A Sniper Is Needed To Back Them Up 3.6) What weapons would you be bringing if a Drug Raid was to occur? Place answer here. Depends On Location To What I Would Bring My Layout Would Always Be Something Similar To Above Except Interchanging Between Shotgun & Carbine Rifle When Needed 3.7) What previous experience do you have? Place answer here. Ive Been In Numerous Traffic Stops, Bank Robberies , Store Robberies , Negotiator , 8 Drug Busts , 3 Hostage Situations Not Including Bank Robberies, PD Station Break Ins < Always Fist Officer On Scene , Shootouts Between Rival Gangs , Highspeed Pursuits , Slowspeed Pursuits 3.8) Videos of your RP (optional) References: Place answer here. N/A
  12. Lunatix MC

    Sounds Good Would Support This
  13. Lucifers Vacation Service

    Please Add More Detail into your business. also i don't feel like this would be a great idea in the economy of Fat Duck Gaming At The Moment
  14. Ricky Michaelson

    RICKY MICHAELSON Ricky Michaelson Younger Brother To Former Taxi Bussiness Owner Bobby Michaelson. Ricky Was Born Into Michaelson Family Who Ran A Pie Shop In Liberty City. When Growing Up With His Older Brother Bobby Michaelson (DECEASED) Going To School Was Tough His Brother Was Always In Fights And Ripping Off People Selling Cigarettes To other People For 3$ Per Cigarette And Eventually Being Kicked Out Of School. Ricky Felt He Needed To Revive The Family Name Studying Day & Night Getting Straight A's He Finally Joined The Police Force His Family Was So Proud. He Made His Way Through Ranks Becoming A Officer In Highway Patrol. He Then Retired At Age 28 To Take Care Of His Sick Mother Who Passed Away Not Long After His Brother Bobby Michaelson Gained Ownership Of Downtown Cab Co. And Ran Some Shady Deals While Running The Bussiness Which Led To His Suicide After 3 Years Of Running Bussiness. His Death Was Mourned By Many & Made Many More Happy. Shorty After His Death His Son Gained Ownership Of His Fathers Bussiness Jack Michaelson A Fresh Smart And Handsome Man He Ran The Taxi Bussiness Better Then His Father Ever Did. Ricky Michaelson Was Proud Of His Nephew And After Joining PD Again And Getting Debadged On Some Shady Bussiness Jack Michaelson Took His Uncle Ricky On To Help Run Downtown Cab Co. Which Is Considered The Heart Of Los Santos