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  1. Kerrs Kustoms Introduction Hello My Name Is Wayne Lewis Kerr I'm A Ret ired State Trooper LT Who Has Recently Taken Up Mechanics & Quickly Rose To Manager Of The City Branch Of Hans Customs & Was His Right Hand Man In Business Decisions Back Story On "Wayne Kerr" Wayne Kerr Was Born & Raised In Grapeseed Where He Personally Helped His Dad Run Their Cotton Farm With The Multicultural Plantation Hands Wayne's Job Was To Help Pick The Cotton On The Plantation & Fix The Broken Down Equipment Waynes Dad Was A Retired Mechanic Who Taught Wayne The Ropes Waynes Dream Was To Be A Police Man Which He Achieved At The Age Of 21 When He Graduated On top Of His Class In The Academy Where Early On In His Career Joined The Highway / State Trooper Division Of The LSPD In Which He Rose To The Rank Of LT Before The Merging Of State Troopers In Which Caused Wayne Kerr To Retire & Seek Another Career In Which He Talked To His Family Mechanic Han Who Gave Him A Chance As A Workshop Hand When Han Saw What He Could Do Han Quickly Pushed Wayne Through The Ranks Showing Him Every Trick He Knew & Finally Making His Rank Rest At The City Manager What Can I Do For The Business? * As A Previous LT & Manager I Know How To Run A Business *There Will Be Regular Fundraisers & Events Hosted Locally & At Event Sites To Help Raise Funds For The Local Emergency Services Such As EMS *I Will Be Working Closely With Other Bussiness *Hire More Workers *Work Closely With Government To Make New Things For The Business Ranks CEO - Wayne Kerr General Manager - Vacant City Manager - Vacant - County Manager - Vacant Master Mechanics Qualified Mechanics Apprentices

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