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  1. +1 Has Really Improved And Stepped Up He Started PD A Little Shaky As All And Think He Has Turned Into A Great Officer And Someone I Would Have Watching My Back In Many Situations. He Has Shown What He Can Do In County And Think He Will Be A Great Addition To Swat
  2. -1 When Communicating Over RTO Tends To Comm Stomp Sometimes Does Get Annoying Great Officer Just Needs To Improve On His Comm Stomping & As Duck Said Communication With Civilians Is Not Superb And Needs Improving.
  3. Alot Better Just Need A Roster
  4. Would Love More Organisation & Effort Put Towards Application
  5. +1 Great Gang And Great Rp Would Love To See Them Played Out More Only Thing Is To Work On Their Etiquette To Other Players & Be More Open To On The Spot Roleplay Instead Of Thoroughly Thought Out RP
  6. After Great Consideration I Would Like To Congratulate You Into Highway Your New Callsign Is : HWY T1
  7. Let Me Know When Your Available For An Interview In The Next 4 Days
  8. Denied Sorry On This Occasion You Have Been Denied Due To Lack Of Experience We Would Prefer You To Be In The City Longer Proving Yourself & Proving You Are Who We Need In Highway Please Re-Apply In 30 Days 25/06/2018
  9. Accepted Your Now Callsign Is Now HWY-T2
  10. +1 Trained Him Shows Professionalism & Great Understanding
  11. Krillen

    Mitty - FearRP

    Extended Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BypHNHihc8c&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=Maniac
  12. Krillen

    Mitty - FearRP

    This Report Is Now : Resolved Due To Closeness To Vehicle This Would Be A Fair Response & Isn't Considered Fail Fear RP.
  13. Krillen

    Mitty - FearRP

    This Report Is Now Under Investigation. Thanks For Helping This Community Be A Better Place
  14. +1 Love The Role Of Leadership He Has Taken Thus Far Training Recruits & Helping When He Can
  15. Krillen

    Reeflex - 3.1

    This Report Is Now Under Review

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