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  1. Branch Minecraft (Moderator) Name SerenityLove Discord Username SerenityLove#3390 Why did you apply for a position in the Staff Team? Since I've started playing on the Minecraft Server I've taken some time to really get an understanding of the community and just how things work in the server. As well as just what the expectations are within the server. I believe that I'd be a good fit for the server as it does continue to grow and with what I've learned I'm confident in my ability to not just moderate the server but also assist in helping new players that are coming into the server get started. Previous experiences Currently a moderator on the Fat Duck LSLA Server. I've been part of the staff team for just over a month. What can you bring to the Staff Team I am a self starter and I am always wiling to lend a hand wherever needed. What I'd bring is that same enthusiasm for helping people to the Minecraft Server as I have in LSLA. I believe it has gotten me a good reputation as a member of staff among players and I would bring the same level of professionalism to Minecraft if I were accepted. How long have you been playing in our community? I've been a part of the Fat Duck Gaming community since early January and a part of the Minecraft Server since the first week of the launch. Any additional information about yourself? I'm fairly new the game of Minecraft as so many people are that have started playing. But I have been learning very quickly and I have already started to help and assist where I've been able to with players as they join and start to grow within the town. Becoming a part of the staff team would allow me to do more for the community in assisting the other staff members on maintaining the integrity of the server as it grows.
  2. Name SerenityLove Discord Username SerenityLove#3390 Why did you apply for a position in the Staff Team? I am interesting in being part of the staff team because I genuinely want to see the server improve. I have seen instances where the server is full and there aren't enough admins or mods to handle the amount of work that's required and I know that it can be very frustrating when mods/admins can't get in due to a full server and the civs that are on would need more moderators to handle the various situations that arise. I'd like to join the team not just to help lighten the load in game, but to also assist the server on the forums in dealing with player reports and appeals. I currently do what I can to assist with the server both in and out of game by responding to questions that I can and assisting new players when I can. I also help on the forums where I can, my current project is working to increase the number of job guides on the forum to assist players that do have questions about the different jobs because I've seen that it's asked about quite often. I'd like to extend the assistance that I can offer by joining the mod team as I have developed a reputation on the server for not just being fair, but also being someone that people can come to for assistance. Previous experiences None in FiveM. My experience is solely based on RL as I have worked in retail and hospitality since I was 13. So I've personally mastered handling myself calmly and also keeping a situation calm when dealing with people who are having issues with one another. What can you bring to the Staff Team I can bring a fresh perspective and a fresh face to the mod team. Though, jokes aside, I have built up a reputation as someone that people can trust and when people do talk to me and share their insight with me. I know that at times people don't feel that their needs are being met. I'd like to assist with that in showing people that the mods and admin team are there to help. While it may be a role that can get a 'bad rap' being the people that have to 'law down the law'. I believe that if people see someone that they've come to know and trust, who genuinely wants to make the server a better place for more great RP that they will (hopefully) see things through a new set of eyes. How long have you been playing in our community? Just over 2 months. Any additional information about yourself? This is my first server on FiveM that I've ever played on. I've actually never played the GTA5 solo version, because as soon as I got it, I immediately started playing on FiveM on the LSLA server through the recommendation of Viperlord. I previously applied last month to become part of the mod team and after my interview which I was told went very well. I was declined a position, not because they didn't think I'd do a great job at it, but based solely on the fact that I hadn't been in the server for very long at that time. So I was politely encouraged to apply again in the following month, which, now I am. I look forward to seeing just where it may go this time around. And thanks for checking out my app.
  3. Serenity Love

    Tattoo Bug

    I can confirm this as a known issue. I personally have added tattoos that I thought would only be added to the character that I purchased them on, but they have carried over to all three characters. When trying to resolve this issue with another player BAZ who deleted his character to make a new one, the tattoos still remained. I know the tattoos were recently added, though there is little info on why they on all characters and if there is progress being made to work out what is becoming an issue with the tattoos appearing on all characters and no current way to remove them even after deleting a character to 'start fresh'.
  4. Name SerenityLove Discord Username SerenityLove Title of the Bug Vehicle Replaced In Garage With Random Vehicle How do we reproduce the Bug? I went to my garage to get my motorcycle that I purchased about a week ago and noticed that the slot where my HAKUCHOU SPORT was previously in my garage now showed that I owned the BALLER5 instead. I've added photos to this report of the vehicle that I purchased and vehicles currently listed in my garage. What outcome(s) does the bug produce? A vehicle change in my garage that took away my motorcycle and added the SUV. Any Videos or Images to help us visualise it? https://imgur.com/a/vOHa5 Any additional information you would like to tell us? I'm not sure how it happened or why it did, but it is something I've heard of happening to other players in the game, though this is my first experience with it. I'm not sure what the outcome was for any others that had this bug happen but I created this bug report to see what the options would be, besides just buying my bike again.
  6. Your app looks very well though out. Unfortunately, the Bahama Mama's is already associated with another gang, The Statesmen, this info can be found on their approved gang application.
  7. I'm 50/50 on this because within RP, it could be viable as roommates, as most people RP it as such. Though the thought of inventory's being kept separate is a good thought. Which could work two ways. Either the inventory's being separate for each apt, so each character could have their own. (which I believe would work better as it's the way that most people use cars now since each car has it's own inventory, which would be a big +100 from me) OR separating inventory by character. The quickest fix one character not taking the fall for something that was done on another character is that when a raid/search is performed that they only take what they went in to find. Because there would be no need to for a raid/search if they didn't have an intent to find either specific weapons or drugs. IE. If the intel is stating the person is suspected of having weed, because of prior evidence or being seen at a known location. Then the only thing that should be apprehended, if they find it, is any weed.
  8. Due to response, topic will be moved to implemented. Thank you for the suggestion! LOCKED AND ARCHIVED
  9. +1 Great idea. It would immensely help with keeping things in RP with all parties involved and making the RP a bit more immersive as well.
  10. Can you elaborate on who the people are that would vouch for you.
  11. Locked and Archived
  12. Serenity Love

    The Royals

    I'm sorry that you were misinformed on that Connor, but it is indeed taken.

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