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  1. GruppeSechs Security

    +1 I've had few interaction with the group. But the concept is great. Great info and great RP, especially in working out the RP with the guide on how to rob the truck. Disabling it and keeping the bagman alive. Great fun! I'd love to see more done!
  2. Lumberjack Job Guide

    Lumberjack Job Guide Step 1. Go the job center and sign up for the LUMBERJACK job. Step 2. Go to the LUMBERJACK’S LOCKER ROOM and change into the WORKER’S CLOTHES. Step 2. Go to the front of the building to check out the delivery truck. (Optional) There is a $2000 security deposit that will be removed from your bank account. Step 3. Go to the WOOD PILE location to collect wood. You can hold 35 at time on yourself and up to 600 in the boot of your vehicle. Step 4. In the same location the second blip to turn your Wood into Cut Wood is located inside of the building just to the right of where you collect the wool. You can hold up to 35 on you and up to 600 in the boot of the vehicle. Production rate of - 1 Wood +1 Cut Wood. Step 5. Go to the far right side of the Lumber Yard and this is where you will find the third blip to turn your Cut Wood into the Packaged Wood. You can hold up to 100 Packaged Wood on yourself and up to 600 Packaged Wood in the boot of your vehicle. Production rate of - 1 Cut Wood + 5 Packaged Wood. Step 6. Go to the DELIVERY POINT to deliver the Packaged Wood and receive your payment. Rate of $15 for 1 Packaged Wood. Step 7. Return the Delivery Truck (if applicable) to receive your $2000 deposit back, minus any damages done to the vehicle. Location is at the far right entrance, located on the same lot.
  3. Courier Job Guide

    Courier Job Guide Step 1. Go the job center and sign up for the COURIER job. Step 2. Go to the DRESS DESIGNER’S LOCKER ROOM and change into the WORKER’S CLOTHES. Step 2. Go to the front of the building to check out the delivery van. (Optional) There is a $2000 security deposit that will be removed from your bank account. Step 3. Go to the WOOL location to collect Wool. You can hold 50 at time on yourself and up to 600 in the boot of your vehicle. Step 4. Go back to the DRESS DESIGNER’S LOCKER ROOM to turn your collected Wool into Fabric. (The blip right across from the stairs) Step 5. In the same building just to the right of the stairs is where you will make your Fabric into Clothing. Step 6. Go to the DELIVERY POINT to deliver the clothing and receive payment for your hard work. Step 7. Go back to the DRESS DESIGNER’S LOCKER ROOM to return the truck to receive your security deposit back minus any damages done to the delivery van. (Red blip behind the building inside of the gate) *A special thanks to @MusicStrings for the assistance in making this guide.*
  4. Serenity Love 's Staff Application

    Name SerenityLove Discord Username SerenityLove#3390 Why did you apply for a position in the Staff Team? I am interesting in being part of the staff team because I genuinely want to see the server improve. I have seen instances where the server is full and there aren't enough admins or mods to handle the amount of work that's required and I know that it can be very frustrating when mods/admins can't get in due to a full server and the civs that are on would need more moderators to handle the various situations that arise. I'd like to join the team not just to help lighten the load in game, but to also assist the server on the forums in dealing with player reports and appeals. I currently do what I can to assist with the server both in and out of game by responding to questions that I can and assisting new players when I can. I also help on the forums where I can, my current project is working to increase the number of job guides on the forum to assist players that do have questions about the different jobs because I've seen that it's asked about quite often. I'd like to extend the assistance that I can offer by joining the mod team as I have developed a reputation on the server for not just being fair, but also being someone that people can come to for assistance. Previous experiences None in FiveM. My experience is solely based on RL as I have worked in retail and hospitality since I was 13. So I've personally mastered handling myself calmly and also keeping a situation calm when dealing with people who are having issues with one another. What can you bring to the Staff Team I can bring a fresh perspective and a fresh face to the mod team. Though, jokes aside, I have built up a reputation as someone that people can trust and when people do talk to me and share their insight with me. I know that at times people don't feel that their needs are being met. I'd like to assist with that in showing people that the mods and admin team are there to help. While it may be a role that can get a 'bad rap' being the people that have to 'law down the law'. I believe that if people see someone that they've come to know and trust, who genuinely wants to make the server a better place for more great RP that they will (hopefully) see things through a new set of eyes. How long have you been playing in our community? Just over 2 months. Any additional information about yourself? This is my first server on FiveM that I've ever played on. I've actually never played the GTA5 solo version, because as soon as I got it, I immediately started playing on FiveM on the LSLA server through the recommendation of Viperlord. I previously applied last month to become part of the mod team and after my interview which I was told went very well. I was declined a position, not because they didn't think I'd do a great job at it, but based solely on the fact that I hadn't been in the server for very long at that time. So I was politely encouraged to apply again in the following month, which, now I am. I look forward to seeing just where it may go this time around. And thanks for checking out my app.
  5. HWP Application for SerenityLove

    Thank you Bendacat. And yes. I can be available this weekend. I'll be free anytime after 4 pm on Friday - EST.
  6. HWP Application for SerenityLove

    Highway Patrol Application Section 1 - Requirements 1.1) Do you have a working Microphone? Yes 1.2) Are you proficient in English (Speaking, Understanding, and Writing)? Yes 1.3) Do you have associations with any criminal faction(s)? No 1.4) Do you have Discord & Teamspeak installed? Yes 1.5) Are you able to use Teamspeak at all times while on duty? Yes 1.6) If there was 3 police on would you go on duty ? Yes 1.7) Are you rank Officer 3 or above on the character selected below ? Yes The reason 1.7 is so important is to ensure that the best of the best are selected. This makes you the first place others will turn to for guidance and others will look to as a role model, your conduct is on display. By continuing below you are agreeing to lead by example. Section 2 - Personality Profile 2.1) Do you possess Integrity, Selflessness, and Professionalism? Yes 2.2) Can you work and function alone and as part of a team? Yes 2.3) Are you precise and accurate when completing tasks? Yes 2.4) Can you uphold the Code of Conduct behind the uniform? Yes 2.5) Do you have others that can vouch for your professionalism ? Yes Section 3 - In-Character Information (Server Character) 3.1) Full Name (IGN): Serenity Love 3.2) Steam Name : SerenityLove5 3.3) Age: 31 3.4) Prior Education/Training : Graduated with honors with a degree in Criminology. 20 years of training in Martial Arts. 3.5) Prior Employment/Experience (Company/Duties/Positions): 15 years with the Blaine County Sheriff's Office. I am currently a Sergeant and my duty is to lead my team of Deputies and ensure they're trained and operating under the county standards. Also, lead by example on what it means be a Sergeant to better prepare my Deputy II's to become a Sergeant in the future. 3.6) Ever arrested/convicted of a felony crime ? If so, explain.: No 3.7) Why do you want to join the Highway Patrol ? I'd like to join the Highway Patrol because of the new challenges that I believe that it would present to me. I am always eager to learn and in my time in county I have worked very closely with the Highway Units on numerous occasions and I feel that I would be a great fit for the team. 3.8) What makes you a good candidate to join Los Santos Highway Patrol ? Ever since my acceptance into county I dove head first into training and learning as much as I could about the Los Santos police operations and the procedures. I was worked closely with some highway units and have a received extensive training from the current Highway Snr. Sgt (musicstrings). I feel that I am up to par with what the standards would be for Highway Patrol and my willingness to learn and grow will only help me become better for the citizens of Los Santos. 3.9) Additional information about yourself: I'm a self-starter. I don't wait for someone to find me to try to learn something. If I find that there's something that I'm unfamiliar with, or a subject matter that I realize that I don't know. I look for answers by asking questions to those that should/would have an answer. Or I seek out training from those that would be higher than myself. I also love to see any team that I'm working with grow to it's full potential, so I work with those that I can to train them and help them along they're path in not only moving up within the force, but also being knowledgeable about their job here in Los Santos. Section 4 - Out-Of-Character Information (In real Life) 4.1) Discord / Forum name: SerenityLove 4.2) Age: 31 4.3) Country: USA 4.4) Timezone GMT : EST (GMT - 5:00) 4.5) Do you play on other servers? If so, which and how long? No 4.6) Past Police RP Experience: BCSO 4.7) What do you think needs improving for Highway Patrol ? I currently don't see much looking in from the outside that would need to be improved much. I have received training from TM-04, and his knowledge leaves me to believe that the units are being trained very well already. 4.8) Where do you think Highway Patrol is required to be on duty ? Everywhere on the map. I believe that they should only focus on a certain area if either the AOP is set to a specified area of the map or is there is a shortage of police in a certain area. 4.9) What do you think is good about Highway Patrol ? The training and knowledge base and ability to handle any situation. 4.10) If you were in control, what would you change, improve, add, take away? I believe that handheld radar guns for the highway would be a great addition. Also, adjustments to the new siren system on the vehicles as I noticed some issues driving.
  7. Fuel Job Guide

    Fuel Job Guide Step 1. Go the job center and sign up for the FUEL job. Step 2. Go to the OIL REFINE LOCKER ROOM and clock in at the yellow circle. Use the second circle that appears to check out the Fuel Truck and pay the $2000 refundable deposit. Step 3. Go the the DRILL FOR OIL location and collect Petrol. You can hold up to 50 on yourself and up to 600 in the boot of the vehicle. Step 4. Go to the REFINE OIL location to turn your Petrol into Refined Petrol. You can hold up to 50 at a time and 600 in the boot of the vehicle. Every 2 Petrol makes 1 Refined Petrol. Step 5. Go to the MIX REFINED OIL location to turn your oil into Essence. You can hold up to 50 at a time and 600 in the boot of the vehicle. Every 1 Refined Petrol makes 2 Essence. Step 6. Go to the DELIVER GAS location to deliver the Essence and receive your pay. Step 7. Return the truck (if you borrowed one), at the red circle just off to the side of the delivery point, to receive your deposit back minus costs for any repairs for any damage done to the vehicle.
  8. Vanilla Unicorn

    Hello everyone! Due to the recent changes in the government and my recent engagement to David Jones. I am here to announce a bittersweet end to my run as the owner of the Vanilla Unicorn. I’ve decided that it’s time to move on from my life as a strip club owner and prepare myself to become a wife. I am happy to announce however that the Vanilla Unicorn will be left in the beautiful hands of my dear sister Maria Talentino, who with the assistance of her affiliates of the Lunatix MC, has promised to uphold the traditions that I have started with the Vanilla Unicorn. It will continue to be a place where all are welcome no matter their affiliation. To sit back, relax and enjoy amazing shows. I hear that there are big plans to not only use the Vanilla Unicorn for just the dancers, but to expand on the entertainment and bring in some amazing singers to Los Santos. I look forward to seeing just who they get to perform on the stage! Thank you all for your amazing support and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for my sister! All My Love, Phoebe Talentino P.S. To the government, the Vanilla Unicorn will no longer be needing a seperate channel on discord and any blips needed for RP purposes will now be requested through the Lunatix MC. Thank you.