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  1. 110000106f15277 or STEAM_0:1:58239291 Char 1 - Connor Duckhurt.
  2. FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION - LOS SANTOS OFFICE Applicant First Name(s): Connor Applicant Last Name(s): Duckhurt Application For: (Choose one or more from below:) 1. Air Operations - Helicopter Licence 2. Air Operations - Fixed Wing Propeller Licence 3. Air Operations - Fixed Wing Jet Licence Total Amount Due (USD): 2000 Sponsoring Authority: - Private Airlines - CEO/General Manager shall provide a statement to vouch this application NOTE: Sponsoring authority must at the earliest opportunity notify Department of Justice for cancellations of licences should the licenced individual resign or no longer require a need to exercise the privileges granted by Air Ops licences. Reason for Application: To Educate New Pilots and Partake in Passenger and Cargo Based Flights. Background Check: Are you currently in possession of a valid Driver's Licence? Y If you said yes to the following question, attach details to your application below: Do you have any conviction(s) or finding(s) of guilt which are less than one (1) month old for serious criminal offences, or less than two (2) weeks old for summary offences? N If yes, details:

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