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  1. Pending Bug Report from ApparentlySumDuck

    Name Apparently Some Duck Discord Username Nosmirc#7272 Title of the Bug Permissions Bug on Forums How do we reproduce the Bug? I logged on and realised that I couldn't comment on suggestions, from which I also learned that I couldn't post anywhere but the G&D Law Firm Section. I also didn't have permission to view certain pages as well, but that's already been fixed. What outcome(s) does the bug produce? It causes the user to be unable to interact with the forums effectively. Any Videos or Images to help us visualise it? Any additional information you would like to tell us?
  2. Cumberbatch Private Law Firm

    I don't actually know where this fits, so here we are. ROSTER CEO Piper Kotsopoulos (Some Duck) PARTNER Thomas Samuels(Orange) (Dex)
  3. ApparentlySumDuck 's Staff Application

    Name Apparently Some Duck Discord Username Nosmirc#7272 Why did you apply for a position in the Staff Team? Being a part of this server has honestly been really fun and time worthy. I am online almost daily and just being that much closer to the community is all I want. I do not want to abandon this server but become a part of it and see it grow into one of the best, and that is what I aim to do. By becoming apart of the staff team and assisting with their endeavours. Previous experiences Head-Admin on AstroRP (GMOD) (2012-2014) - Started from the bottom. Moderator on FalloutShelterAU (GMOD) (2013-2016) - Started from the bottom. Co-Owner of RusticGaming (GMOD) (2016-2016) - Friend's Server. Was also with Melbourne Downtown RP before they parted ways with Australian Gaming Network (2017-2017) What can you bring to the Staff Team I do not ever look to degrade someone else or make myself better than them. However, I find that I am based on respect and integrity, and with that, I feel I can be a big improvement to the uprising of this community. I do not want this to abuse or disband members of this community, but to solely improve and better this community. I look to stay in this community and watch it grow for as long as I am playing. I have countless experience staffing/moderating servers (5+ Years) (4+ Years on RP servers) and I feel that I would be a good addition to the staff. I'd also like to believe that I have a strong moral compass. How long have you been playing in our community? Almost 2 months. Any additional information about yourself? I'm a 2nd year Student in a Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Psychological Science. I probably enjoy that too much for a normal person. I also enjoy watching movies in my spare time, and also enjoy making them. So far, my attempts at GTA Machinimas has left much to desire, but I'm learning.