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  1. -/+ I'm conflicted with how I feel about this gang based on what is written. I love the idea of a cult (In fact, I wanted to start one in my early days on this server), but there are things I'm wary of. For instance, I'm completely opposed to gangs with the sheer intention of HostileRP. I believe a gang/organisation needs to partake in more salient activities than just causing unnecessary violence. I also believe that an organisation needs to be more than just a couple of fellas trying to break a couple of laws together. I love the idea of gangs/organisations with the intention of bringing something new and original, something that's a far cry from the other organisations present. What does Jim's Cult stand for? What sets you apart from everyone else? What do your cult members believe Why should they believe it? Is Jim the only person capable of saving them from extinction or something. What are your gang/organisation motivations? Does your gang kill via sacrificial ceremonies? I really see the potential within this idea of a cult, but only with a few adjustments on your part. To Summarise: Avoid being a hostile gang for no real reason. It's uncreative and doesn't make your gang stand out from the rest of the organisation applications out here. Try and be more like a cult and less like terrorists Build on the narrative and build on the motivations of what Jim's cult wants to accomplish. If you want any help, you need only ask on Discord at Krimzunn#7272 Just food for thought.
  2. If you believe a police officer is metagaming by picking on your gang specifically, please report them at http://www.fatduckgaming.com/index.php?/player-complaints/ However, you shouldn't react negatively with hostility. That is what creates the reputation that the Di Pintos known for. Stop reinforcing the reputation and the Cops will quit picking on you guys. In most Scenarios, your Reputation is just as important to your gang as the people within it. That's how people form their opinion of you and your gang. Consider how people see you and shape it to how you all want to appear. HostileRP doesn't solve Metagaming and Vice Versa.
  3. SOME NIGHTCLUB "Where evolution stops and the party starts! Los Santos’ premier club venue for relentless Tone-Deaf tunes, Terrible Jokes and fist-pumping steroid beats. Middle-aged, married men - please take note: You will not be allowed in. (Unless you order triple bottle service with sparklers)" Here at Some Nightclub, we specialise in being the life of the party. We have Venues all over the country and have held the record for “Biggest Drug Bust ever held at a nightclub” for over 15 years. Our staff are dedicated in making every night the best party ever held. Our Owner, Connor Duckhurt, has been keeping the beats pumping and drug culture flowing for over 35 years. Nightclub Roster Owner - Some Duck Assistant Manager - (OPEN) DJ - Victor Of Spades Bouncer - (OPEN Bouncer - (OPEN) Bartender - (OPEN) Bartender -(OPEN) Bartender - (OPEN) Promoter - (OPEN) Our Venue Needs to either be Bahama Mamas or Tequi-la-la (Willing to partner up with another Gang and share a location) Activities Karaoke Nights Alcoholic Beverages Comedy Nights Open Mic Nights Drug Trafficking Potential Money Laundering The Rules Any existing gang conflict is to cease within the premises of Some Nightclub. Weapons are not to be used within or near the premises of Some Nightclub Dress Code Dress shoes for men (no sneakers/sports shoes/sandals) Collared shirt or suit jacket for men (no t-shirts or tank tops) No shorts (only long pants) No jeans For Women, we recommend ladies dress upscale yet comfortable pair of heels—aka girl’s go-to outfit for a club night out. like a long black dress with a club night out.
  4. +1 I love that these people respect other peoples RP 100% of the time. For Instance, my Spiderman "Security Guard" character likes to enforce a 'Psuedo-Neutral-Zone' at the legion square park (ONLY THE PARK), where people are free to hang out, but any hostile gang-related activities are discouraged very much like a form of Switzerland (But of course, it's completely unofficial), and they respect that. They respect my characters main 'goal' and 'motivations' for what he wants to see. I would love to see this group return in FDG LSLA Version 2.0 as some form of example for all how all future gang/organisations should be like: Just a group of people with a very clear goal in mind.
  5. I'd love to be apart of this business.
  6. 0/10 racist towards Androids. In all seriousness, I do appreciate that you're not trying to make friends with every gang (For some reason, every gang appears to be best friends, so not a lot of gang violence occurs). It says that you're non-violent however, I've only ever seen the Ballas being violent. I recommend backing up your application with actions. Also, who is in your gang? I'm not 100% sure what needs to be in an application, but every Application I have seen has included a roster.
  7. Thought you would've chosen that little torture warehouse that you use so often. Would've been tonnes more immersive for an italian mob.

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