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  1. Assigned 4E-02 - Trainee Paramedic Please contact an LSFD High Command or a Paramedic to complete your refresher training. Welcome back.
  2. UNCLASSIFIED To: Mr J LAWSDOWN Dear Mr. J LAWSDOWN (( @[CoG] Mista Semper Fi )), We take our medical volunteers very seriously and recognise their long term contribution to the medical services of Los Santos, especially they have long been considered as a neutral party or helping figures by citizens, rather than authority figures like those in the Police Forces. Therefore it is incomprehensible as to why they are targeted for any criminal offences. We in the Government are keen to recognise their services and send a very clear message to the public, that there are zero tolerance and no excuses to all criminal acts against paramedics. In response to your call for action, the proposed amendment to our Crimes Act para 1 has been amended as follows: This amendment has also been extended to para 8 of the Summary (Miscellaneous) Offences Act. We thank you for your ongoing support for our medical volunteers and we hope you are satisfied with the outcome of this change. By the Legislative Council's Command, PR Oakey Secretary Department of Justice
  3. Your application has been approved. Please contact one of the LSFD High Command or a Paramedic and above ranks to assist you with introductory training. //Locked and Archived
  4. Your application has been approved. Please contact one of the LSFD High Command or a Paramedic and above ranks to assist you with introductory training. //Locked and Archived
  5. Planned Release - 20 Sep 18 Skill System - You can now be promoted when doing jobs for businesses that are not owned by a player, which will increase your salary significantly. It will also increase the price of your goods sell for, or the amount you get paid for completing a run, depending on your job. - You can earn skill points by completing jobs for your company, for example selling packaged planks, completing a garbage or truck driver run or selling fishes. - You can check your skill points using /skills command which will display your current skill points and the next available level - Respawning at Hospital will cause you to lose some skill points across all skills - Changing jobs will reset your skill points and rank to 0 - There will be more skills coming in the near future, which will provide other bonuses! Car Dealer - Added a showroom to let you preview vehicles before buying - Purchase 8 low-end vehicles without the need of a car dealer present. Rules - The rules have been overhauled Penal Codes - Fines and jail sentences have all been readjusted. Pay Intervals - Salaries are now paid every half an hour (from 45 mins)
  6. #14 - Organisations 14.1 - All organisations with the intent to carry on a business, legal or illegal, with a minimum standing crew size of 4 and upwards of 8 including the owner, must be approved on the forums via Organisation Applications 14.2 - All gang wars and attacks must be supervised by a Moderator or above 14.3 - Organisation members are encouraged to record all organisational activities where possible. 14.4 - The Syndicate may revoke organisation registrations/approvals for breach of rules, which may include additional punishments to individual members of the organisation. 14.5 - Organisation leaders may request two properties to be granted by the Syndicate. The Syndicate may revoke granted territories at any time. Under no circumstances are organisation members allowed to KoS in their territory. Organisation members may threaten or harass trespassers, and may only kill after repeated disobedience. 14.6 - You cannot be in more than one criminal organisation / gang 14.7 – Assets with known acquisition costs must not be sold with more than 40% commission imposed by businesses (40% of the cost of the initial acquisition) 14.8 – Business owners must submit a fixed price list for goods and services with no known acquisition costs to the Government for approval prior to providing goods and services at the desired price to customers.
  7. Planned Release - 13 Sep 18 New Additions - A couple of new PD interiors and furnitures - Little blue circle under characters to indicate they're speaking - Winergrowers now have a new truck Bug Fixes - Scoreboard was fixed - Added detective vest - PD can now impound properly Tweaks - A certain Developer (not me, not Dev, not Diver, and most definitely not Mud) touched the anti-cheat system. That's all I am allowed to say. - Speed cameras fines temporarily removed (cop baiters rejoice) Police will still get alerted if you go past it too fast - Car Thief is now like robberies and house break-ins, it ain't a job no more, but something you can do on the side on top of having a full time job. - A certain hacker had deleted all PD documents/records related to all illegal location blips, there will no longer be any visible blips on the map for PD. They can still be called to a location via the robbery/break in scripts.
  8. 06 Sep 18 New Additions - Forensic analysis kit available for Sergeants and above, Detectives and FBI. Used to collect a DNA sample of a fellow character or DNA samples left behind at a robbery/break in scene. The kit will generate a 6 digit sample ID unique to that character, Detectives/FBIs are then required to match that sample ID to the correct character/suspect using a second DNA sample collected from a suspect. - A notepad/scratchpad option for Police F6 menu, to store quick information such as vehicle plates or DNA sample ID, which saves until the player next logs off, can be cleared manually before then. - New cuffing system, includes FD and Gruppe6 restraining option. 3 Types of cuffing - with animations: a. Soft cuff, allow person to walk, but not run, or interact with any menus or phones b. Hard cuff, same as current cuffs, only to be used by PD if suspect abuses the soft cuff system, restricted to High Command only. c. Restraint, same as Soft cuff, cable tie wears off after 10 minutes, used only by FD officers and Gruppe6 employees. Upon usage they will be required to contact PD to take over the scene asap (to be introduced as an SOP requirement). Bug Fixes - Fixed bug with drag system where characters are dragged all the way to the other side of the map when getting out of a vehicle. - Object spawner no longer client side, they're now server sided (e.g Spike Strips placed 2 blocks away will now show up to people as they approach) Tweaks - Pistol holster/unholster will be integrated with the EUP holster models. e.g When pistol is unholstered, the EUP holster will be changed to a holster without a pistol in it. Law Changes - 5(04) Destruction of Properties now includes Breaking and Entering, which specifically targets the latest trend of breaking into houses in County. Offenders are liable to the same punishment as Crimes Act Div. I 5a(1) - $10,000 in fines and 5 minutes imprisonment. Planned Features - Forensic analysis kit to be extended to dead bodies - Animation for searching someone - Body bag script to be introduced to FD Officers and Detectives, to declare a patient dead, to get their body off the road. - /k in a vehicle or a bike, to put hands up while in a vehicle, or to get off the bike to do the /k animation. - z key planned to be used for putting hands to the back - To force a short animation to pull two handed weapons out upon getting out of vehicle, as an intended replacement to rule 3.11
  9. Welcome to the team, assigned 4C-15 Please contact a member of the LSFD High Command or a Paramedic to get yourself up to speed with our procedures and SOP. Meanwhile give our Handbook a read for some basic information.
  10. 1. Go to http://igws.fatduckgaming.com 2. Click Register 3. Register SteamID - https://vacbanned.com/ > Copy and Paste the link to your Steam Profile > Username and Password should be the same as your website/forums username/password, or at least username should be the same as the username you use in game. > Email Address: Self Explanatory - You will have to verify your email upon registration > Press Request Login Should look like this when you have put in everything: 4. Verify your email address, then log in with your username/password. NOTE: MDT will only show up if you have last played on your PD character and that you have been granted permission to access it (Annoy Checkable for access) ----------------- MDT Set Up 1. Press "Fat Duck Gaming - Dashboard" to open up the side bar, then press Police - MDT 2. Go under "Settings" -> Set your callsign 3. NCIC Search: Allows you to search someone's details up based on their ID/IC Name You will be able to view their personal details, licences, assets owned and past warnings, citations and arrest reports. 4. From NCIC Page, you can issue the person a warning, arrest report or a citation from the menu on the left hand side. Most details should be filled in for you once opened: Additional notes section allows you to put in details of the arrest, such as quantity of drugs confiscated, additional details to the type of weapons or vehicles seized etc. Once completed, press Submit Arrest Report.
  11. Planned: 30 Aug 18 Car Thief Hotfix: - Changed car thief locations - Fixed desync issues with blip - Cars are now random - Colour of stolen vehicle now random - Ping updates every 10 seconds (increased from every 1 second) - Reward for stolen vehicle decreased slightly Bug Fixes: - Fixed looting script not properly detecting certain weapons - Fisherman job blips should work as intended now - Client List is Fixed (finally) - Currently sources property list from the closet person to the person accessing client list *cough* stop bothering dev team now kthxbye *cough* New Additions: - CEOs of each businesses can now set commission for their employees via boss menu - Added a new mega business complex in Sandy Shores near prison for Mechanics & Car Dealers. - Gruppe6 and FD Officers now have access to panic buttons - Gruppe6 Officers may now transfer cash between safes to bank vaults (feel free to rob em) - Added a PD Supervisor 2018 Dodge Charger (Unmarked - All Depts & Marked - City Only) - Added Gruppe 6 and Airlines /orgtweet command - Added personal vehicle garages to high end properties for property owners - Added SWAT / PD Supervisor Bulletproof Vests - Added /lo <code> command to get job loadouts (Loadout item list will be separately given to PD internally) - Added some emotes to /e <code> commands - List of emotes could be brought up with /emotes - Added some vehicles to the server (some will be sold as retail vehicles by the Car Dealership, others are exclusive imports with limited quantity) - Police MDT is now live (All features except BOLO's are now available in the MDT) - Don't confuse this with the CAD system that has yet to come Tweaks: - House break in time increased from 30 to 60 seconds. - /me uses in character name - Increase job payout for truck driver, garbage truck driver, forklift driver and pool cleaner - Panic button rebind to Shift + PageDn - PD F6 ID Check no longer shows Player OOC Usernames - All Menus moved to bottom right (lynch Kn0pee OzNat if false 10/10) - Mechanics no longer forced to drive into the vanilla GTA V LSC position to do upgrades on vehicles, they can do it from anywhere inside the workshop. - Added a ton more garages across the map, some existing garages have been moved.
  12. Assigned to 4C-13 Please contact a LSFD High Command or a Paramedic to assist you with introductory training. Meanwhile please give it some time to look at our Handbook
  13. Assigned to 4C-14 Please contact an LSFD High Command or a Paramedic to assist you with introductory training
  14. Accepted, contact a High Command/Paramedic to assist with getting started/training 4C-12 assigned

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