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  4. Moogle


    What RP were you trying to do that you were told was not possible and what RP did you want to carry out in the EMS? Signing up then resigning almost straight away doesn’t sound too nice, especially you should have a chat with us about it first so we can discuss various RP opportunities. Perhaps you can have a chat with High Command first and reconsider before resigning?
  5. -snip-

    1. Moogle


      File a staff complaint like you normally would. You know the drill

    2. Bill


      Didn't think one would be necessary over a single instance of rule breaking. If it's possible for you to open up my old complaint I'll add it to that. 

  6. //Approved, appointed as 4C-10 (Volunteer)
  7. New Shit - EMS/FD Menu updated (Added identity checker to "claim insurance", (return of the) soft cuffing option for uncooperative drunk patients, and notepad option like the ones in the PD, as well as lockpicking into people's cars) - Implemented PD dispatch system via /calls and /callsign command for LSPD/AFP officers: /callsign #### will register your callsign (e.g /callsign AFP-4 = AFP-4 will show up under "Units responding" once you accept a call) GPS button will plot a waypoint to the active call /calls will show up a list of active calls /Dispatch command can be used to update your current dispatch status (e.g 10-8/10-7 etc) Respond button will add your callsign to the list of Units Responding, multiple units will be separated by commas. Code 4 will mark situation as resolved and have the item removed from the list > It is planned that Respond button will push out an automatic /pr to the caller. Bug Fixes - EMS/FD now has a proper helispawn at Station 90 @ County - Anti-combat log system now recognise the death of particular characters rather than the account. (i.e no longer kills the second or third character upon relogging/switching characters after death) - Fixed where people could point while in cuffs - Rainy weather won't last as long Tweaks - Vehicle damage script had received a tune up and is now somewhat... more realistic? - Black market weapon prices have been rebalanced - Black market is now an owned business (and is already owned, don't bother applying for CEO) - Black market weapon shop is moved elsewhere as a result of that ^ (good luck finding it) - Stolen goods from house robberies now sell for a higher price at the black market - Armour for all PD units will be 100% via loadout commands
  8. I cant access the application section of lspd

    1. Moogle


      I’m not in charge of LSPD. LSPD applications are now done in game via the job centre.

  9. @Intoxx Your application has been approved, your callsign is 4C-26 Please contact a Paramedic or above ranking officer to start your training. Press the following button to join the organisation for access to the training resources Join Los Santos Emergency Services
  10. Planned Release - 08 Nov 18 New Additions - /briefcase 1 and /briefcase 2, toggles 2 types of briefcases for RP purposes - Added an advertising banner to the FiveM server list. - Robbery system now aligns with the AOP settings. i.e AOP City = Robberies disabled in County. - Added tattoos to the server - Rejects #1294 and #1323 is resolved. - New County PD Bug Fixes - Default AOP is now mapwide, AOP upon loading into the server now aligns with whatever has been set manually by Admins. - Real Estate car blips fixed Tweaks - Temporarily disabled MRPD custom interior. Rule Changes - 9.1 - Admins may now authorise the use of Snipers/Marksman Rifles for a specific roleplay scenario. PD Officers must also sought for such permission even if they are deemed eligible/qualified for use by Commissioner of Police and his/her delegates. Admins will be responsible for announcing such weaponry will be in play for that specific RP scenario. Patreon - Want to support us? Want to skip the queue? Subscribe to our Patreon below! Support us on Patreon
  11. Planned Release - 01 Nov 18 I heard you, you wanted some advanced notice about what's coming soon to the server, here you go. Anything changed since the initial release note is highlighted in ORANGE New Additions - "Killing" someone with any melee weapon (including punching them) will now knock them unconscious for 2 minutes before they return to consciousness. > Waking up from consciousness will receive the "injured" status effect (different walk posture/gesture, unable to run, walks slower than my grandma) > Dying under "injured" effect, regardless of melee or otherwise, will result in death. (and no, not giving you permissions to do /me bleeds out) - Added stock for real estate - Added car wash - #145 resolved (v1 suggestion) - Added purchasable ammunition @ammunation = #1162 resolved, leading to a pending resolution on #1349 - More pistols added to ammunation catalogue - Added F3 toggle walk animations - old news, not listed in previous notes - resolves #1407 - Mechanics now have access to Benny's Customs - Mechanics may also apply upgrades to vehicles at Car Dealerships - Added bike dealer to scoreboard Bug Fixes - Vehicle door lock script (hopefully) now sync properly for all, even if not in the area - Door lock confirmation message now appears on the center left instead of the chat box - Bike shop sell point fixed - Airlines invoicing system fixed - Airlines ID card fixed Tweaks - Looting and some jobs' UI updated/changed - You may no longer loot weapons from dead bodies - Updated loading screen & Scoreboard image - Tooltip messages are transitioning to a new format SoonTM - People have spoken, we are slowwwwly transitioning back to Aussie theme. Patreon - Want to support us? Want to skip the queue? Subscribe to our Patreon below! Support us on Patreon Disclaimer: This release note is subject to change. If there are any discrepancies between this note and the final release tomorrow night at 9pm AEDT, don't come after me, go murder or kidnap Kn0pee or something. His fault for leaving me on read
  12. Los Santos Emergency Services - Office of the Director Director Emergency Services Directive 01/10 1. This is a directive distributed to all members of the LSFD 2. Persuant to executive meeting 27 Oct 18, it has been decided that due to the pending changes to the Government structure, LSFD will undergo a period of transition in acquisition of new fleet, uniform and branding. 3. The following chain of command will be adopted: 4. Thus the changes to our branding is as follows: a. LSFD will be rebranded as LSES (Los Santos Emergency Services) b. LSFD will be rebranded as LSFS (Los Santos Fire Services), a branch of the LSES c. EMS will receive a new branding as LSAS (Los Santos Ambulance Services), a branch of the LSES d. Trainee Paramedic rank will be rebranded as "Intern" e. Lieutenant rank will be rebranded as "Station Officer" f. Captain (EMS) rank will be rebranded as "Inspector" g. Captain (FD) rank will be rebranded as "Commander" h. Battalion Chief (EMS) rank will be rebranded as "Superintendent" i. Battalion Chief (FD) rank will be rebranded as "Chief" j. Deputy Chief rank will be rebranded as "Deputy Director" k. Chief LSFD rank will be rebranded as "Director" 5. During the period of transition, there are abosolutely no issues with interchanging the aforementioned terminology, AS Officers may still be known as EMS, and FS Officers may still be known as FD. 6. Logos and additional brand materials will be distributed at a later date. 7. LSES High Command structure will be scaled based on the size of the establishment. This does not imply all positions will be filled based on the following criteria, as it only implies a maximum number of positions that may be appointed. 8. As this transition takes place, new SOP, Handbook and other materials will be reviewed, updated and produced as necessary. This directive takes effect on 28 Oct 18. Phil Goode Director Los Santos Emergency Services
  13. ((OOC Info)) Steam3ID 64Bit HEX: Character Number: 1/2/3 (The character that intends on exercising the licence privileges) Please complete this additional form for administrative processing

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