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  1. All new forum group assignments/patreon benefits claim can be filed at the support tickets section.
  2. Purpose This guide is created with the intention to allow IC interactions to be carried out using RP forum accounts, while only logged onto a single account. This is not mandatory, but will be useful if you would be interested in creating separate IC accounts for RP purposes. Creating Sub-Accounts Log out of your current account, or simply open an incognito browser and register a new account the same way you would for a normal forum account. NOTE: You will need multiple email addresses or simply different login methods (Steam/Discord) when creating secondary accounts. Select "Roleplay Characters" as the registration group, then activate the new account. Linking Sub-Accounts On the top of the page, look for the coupler icon, press Manage Your Linked Accounts. Alternatively can be done via Account Settings. Enter your Roleplay Character's account details, and it will then be linked to your master account. There's no need to link your master account from your RP character's account, as all interactions can be carried out from just one single account. Posting as RP Character Once linked, you may browse the website as per usual using your master account. If you come across an RP post or you wish to start a new topic, you can select which account will post the message:
  3. This is a comprehensive forums guide on where everything is or will be located. If you don't sign up or log in: - You will see very little and have access to very little features on the web, such as you can't post topics, you can't view specific organisation/sub-forum topics etc. Linking Discord/Steam: - If you have not yet registered, you can simply sign in with Discord/Steam - If you have registered and wish to link your accounts, you can do so via Account Settings -> Discord/Steam: Main Navigation Bar Menu - Clicking will bring you to our homepage, hovering will bring up the following drop down options FDG Servers - Contains all FDG game services and links to the respective Discord servers Forms & Trackers - Your portal to filing bug reports, appeals, complaints, staff apps, viewing our release notes and submitting support tickets. Our patreons will have additional access to development roadmap to stay up to date with our coming development contents before others. Donations and Patreon - An overview of our Patreon/Donation program in Fat Duck Gaming. Organisations - Organisation portal to all legal LSLA Businesses and registered LSLA Organisations/Gangs. LSLA Government organisation page is also located in the organisations portal for event applications, IC freedom of information, organisations/gang applications and CEO applications for businesses when they're open for expressions of interest. Tutorials - The new home to all FDG and LSLA Guides LSPD Tools - Contains all hotlinks to Police documents and has the external CAD/MDT system embedded.
  4. Accepted //Locked and Archived
  5. Moogle


    What RP were you trying to do that you were told was not possible and what RP did you want to carry out in the EMS? Signing up then resigning almost straight away doesn’t sound too nice, especially you should have a chat with us about it first so we can discuss various RP opportunities. Perhaps you can have a chat with High Command first and reconsider before resigning?
  6. -snip-

    1. Moogle


      File a staff complaint like you normally would. You know the drill

    2. Bill


      Didn't think one would be necessary over a single instance of rule breaking. If it's possible for you to open up my old complaint I'll add it to that. 

  7. //Approved, appointed as 4C-10 (Volunteer)
  8. New Shit - EMS/FD Menu updated (Added identity checker to "claim insurance", (return of the) soft cuffing option for uncooperative drunk patients, and notepad option like the ones in the PD, as well as lockpicking into people's cars) - Implemented PD dispatch system via /calls and /callsign command for LSPD/AFP officers: /callsign #### will register your callsign (e.g /callsign AFP-4 = AFP-4 will show up under "Units responding" once you accept a call) GPS button will plot a waypoint to the active call /calls will show up a list of active calls /Dispatch command can be used to update your current dispatch status (e.g 10-8/10-7 etc) Respond button will add your callsign to the list of Units Responding, multiple units will be separated by commas. Code 4 will mark situation as resolved and have the item removed from the list > It is planned that Respond button will push out an automatic /pr to the caller. Bug Fixes - EMS/FD now has a proper helispawn at Station 90 @ County - Anti-combat log system now recognise the death of particular characters rather than the account. (i.e no longer kills the second or third character upon relogging/switching characters after death) - Fixed where people could point while in cuffs - Rainy weather won't last as long Tweaks - Vehicle damage script had received a tune up and is now somewhat... more realistic? - Black market weapon prices have been rebalanced - Black market is now an owned business (and is already owned, don't bother applying for CEO) - Black market weapon shop is moved elsewhere as a result of that ^ (good luck finding it) - Stolen goods from house robberies now sell for a higher price at the black market - Armour for all PD units will be 100% via loadout commands
  9. I cant access the application section of lspd

    1. Moogle


      I’m not in charge of LSPD. LSPD applications are now done in game via the job centre.

  10. @Intoxx Your application has been approved, your callsign is 4C-26 Please contact a Paramedic or above ranking officer to start your training. Press the following button to join the organisation for access to the training resources Join Los Santos Emergency Services

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