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  1. Information: 1. Adjust topic title, username being the username we could identify you as, rule being the rule numbers that associate with your punishment(s) 2. It is an offence under Rule 7.3 to be falsifying statements/lying to staff in your appeal Appealing: (Delete where inapplicable) Warning Recieved - This is my second encounter with Shadoo........this time i have a witness and apparently another video because mine stuffed up and didnt record the previous 1m-30 seconds though i wish it did, Shadoo has all the video so id like to request he shows his video as he was recording as he states in the video!. ImaginaryAus and I were rolling along the road when we came across a dead cop and a dead mechanic ( IN REAL LIFE YOU WOULD STOP AND CALL AMBO/POLICE RIGHT?) So we pulled over and did some RP with the bodies talked to the other officer on the ground (badly wounded apparently) asked if he was breathing and ok - got a mumble back so we called EMS. Shadoo rocks up starts telling us to fuck off and leave the area or we will be treated as hostile and arrested, we reply with we called the EMS great RP man he goes to somewhat "i dont give a fuck, gtfo out of the area" The chat starts burning a little fire, we ask why RP was so bad thats 2x diff people against shadoo asking about that situation, I receive the warning and no investigation into shadoo when clearly imaginary and I wanted to know what his deal was. Were we part of the initial RP? No, we didnt even know something had occurred on that specific road. Was the RP clear? Yes no living cop/civilian in site besides myself and imaginary. Usernames: Discord#xxxx - Bohemian Game Username - Bohemian Associated Steam ID - Click me to find your ID Offences/Charges Issued: Warning - Told to take to forums and i even stated in chat leave it for the forums and i did, hense why im posting here Who issued the punishment(s):Chippo Why should we repeal it: Because the entire RP event how shadoo came accross was absolutely disgusting with no RP whatsoever. Acting as the sheriff also......poor attitude abuses his power so to speak, Both citizens were seeking answers in /ooc chat and he Just being a smart ass. Im not saying i was any better but the fact remains his attitude steinks. Supporting evidence:
  2. Server: FiveM Offender Name: VEMYL Offender Discord#xxxx (If applicable): Accused of rules: VDM & Stealing AI COP CAR TO DO SO! Description of event: I seen Vemyl steal a AI Cop car infront of me so i decided to follow him to legion carpark, (at this point i started to record) what you can see is as follows - Snackn Getn smacked head on by Vemyl Witnesses: Bohemian Evidence*: It isnt 2 mins but im sure this evidence should suffice? Its all in the video *VIDEO EVIDENCE MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH AT LEAST 2 MIN IN LENGTH OR THE FULL LENGTH OF THE RP/LEADING UP TO THE RP
  3. HAHA, your welcome! Love seeing a random dead body on the road! Gave me great RP for you!
  4. All complete, didn't see that sneaky bugger up there in the corner.
  5. Pre-Application Check Application Type: Volunteer Did you sign up on the Roster?: Yes Have you received your callsign? If so, provide it here: Not yet, once i do will fill in! Los Santos Fire Department Application Section 1: Requirements Do you have a working Microphone? -Yes- Are you proficient in English (Speaking, Understanding, and Writing)? -Yes- Do you have associations with any criminal faction(s)? -No- Do you have Discord installed? -Yes- Are you able to use Discord at all times while on duty? -Yes- Section 2: Personality Profile What traits do you possess that could be beneficial to the FD? -I like to have fun in the RP scene, create an awesome atmosphere with gamer's, i love to have a joke here n there, always remember not to take life SO SERIOUSLY and bring a stress free fun attitude- Describe how you are able to work both as part of a team and when left to your own initiative. -Working independently is no problem to me, I much rather a team to have each-others back when needed, visa versa also creates better RP - What do you find are the most difficult decisions to make? -I think before making a decision or rational one at that, the hardest one for myself would be to make a decision based on a one side of the story not both! How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations? -I do the best to my abilities, im pretty calm person, would much rather defuse a stressful situation and pressure i can deal with fine. What can we expect from you in your first 2 Weeks? -Be as active as i can, usually daily, Help where i can, assist in-game or be assisted if not understanding correctly- Section 3: In-Character Information Full Name: -Nick Harper- Age: -31- Prior Education/Training: -Liberty City University, changed to LSLA Uni got my diploma in Business for Fish Munger Trawling!, Mechanic, Cargo Carrier i did the all rounder course!- Prior Employment/Experience (Company/Duties/Positions): -Volunteer Fisherman- Supplying those fish mungers!, Butcher - Slaying the chickens noone else likes to do the messy work, Grinding wood into planks to earn that income for a fine Apartment in LSLA Ever arrested/convicted of a felony crime? If so, explain. -Never been arrested or Felony recorded but been pulled over for Speeding and given a fair warning- Why do you want to join the Fire Department? (minimum of 60 words) - Im always out as a fisherman with a couple mates smoking joints, drinking beer, playing the drums/guitar, time has changed where we all have that 1 friend who moves forward and puts fishing aside for couple nights aweek ;). I gotta have my LSLA fams back by giving back to LSLA after we have such a fine city. (I also notice a shortage of EMS late night and if im up late id like to fill that emptiness with a roll!)- What makes you a good candidate to join LSFD-EMS? (minimum of 60 words) -Given the chance id like to show my skills in-game after learning the EMS codes/rules and create fun RP scenes amongst us all. If on duty you can expect whacky things to be healed and cleaned with to make do with what we have "at hand at that specific time" Could be a ripped rag or maybe an old coffee stained serviette......the ideas are endless if allowed! Additional information about yourself: (minimum of 60 words) -Fishing is where my downtime is at! There is nothing better than hitting that ocean at 3am getting ready to set haul on a massive trawler load of fish for the markets on the weekends!, I love to Joy Ride in my Saber 550 Turbocharged V8 on the Sunday Arvo going through Rockford Hills out towards Sandy Shores- Section 4: Out-of-Character Information Nickname / Forum name: -Violated- Discord Name and ID: -Violated#8758- Gender: -M- Age: -30- Country: -AU - QLD- Timezone: -AEST- Are you part of any factions on your alt character? -No- Have you had any admin punishment or action on any of your characters? If so please explain. -Yes, got called into discord talked to about if i possibly combat logged, i explained myself and was sorted- Past Medical RP Experience: -Countless ER runs from crazy drivers and that DANG MC CLUB- What do you think needs improving for FD/EMS? If you were in control, what would you change, improve, add, take away? - Im applying for EMS so i couldn't give an honest or valid answer yes as i have not played that role- Do you have any police or medical professional references? Please list their names. -I do not have and references, i could only say MagnumOpus (EMS recruit), RP alot with this fella Anything else OOC that you think you can contribute to your application or the faction? -Currently, not at this point of time, maybe in the future on another forum post all things are possible-

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