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  1. READING AND FOLLOWING THE SERVER RULES IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THOSE WHO WISH TO ROLEPLAY ON THE SERVER. NEGLECTING TO DO SO CAN CAUSE CONSEQUENCES AT THE DISCRETION OF THE BeUS STAFF TEAM. QUESTIONS REGARDING RULES CAN BE TAKEN TO THE #rule-clarifications CHANNEL. ---------Credit to everyone from the Fat Duck Gaming Community who made this possible in the first place--------- --These rules apply to BeUS SPECIFICALLY meaning rules WILL differ pending on the server you are playing on-- --Some of the rules found here are general FDG community rules. This means regardless of the server you play on, SOME rules are community-wide-- #1 - Community respect 1.1 - This is an English-speaking server based in Australia, it is critical that members should maintain a competent level of oral and written English communication skills. 1.2 - You must have a working microphone to play on this server. 1.3 - Provide each other an opportunity to voice their opinion, and have their opinion heard. 1.4 - When wishing to directly or indirectly reference another person's ideas or work, one must offer credits where they fall due, includes stating any co-authors who contributed to any forum posts, applications or proposals. 1.5 - This community comprises of members of varying age groups, including members under the legal adult age. It is expected that members (especially adults) should be mindful of their actions. 1.6 - It is expected that members should not perform any offensive roleplays such as torture, dismemberment, cannibalism or other extremely morbid activities. 1.7 - Erotic/sexual roleplays must not be conducted as they hold no place on BeUS. 1.8 - Advertising is not permitted in this community. #2 - In Character vs. OOC - Out of Character 2.1 - Everything in game is in character. If an individual needs to step out of Roleplay, see about avoiding doing so until the end of the scenario/RP. 2.2 - If one is breaking rules, contact staff IN CHAT about it through the in-game text chat. However, do not step out of character over the mic (in-game voice chat) by making claims against another player UNTIL STAFF IS PRESENT. #3 - Metagaming 3.1 - Gathering IC information from sources other than from in-game IC, forum IC, from the active IC character or IC Voice Channels (Any discord channels not under “OOC” Voice Category) 3.2 - Stream sniping is not permitted. 3.3 - Paying special IC attention to staff/organisation leaders due to acknowledging their OOC status is not permitted 3.4 - Community members actively roleplaying on FDG servers must use approved FDG IC communication channels/servers for the duration of their use of our community services. No unofficial external communications service may be used with the intent to complement their gameplay experience on our official servers. #4 - Failing Roleplay 4.1 -SAFEZONES: Humane Labs (where you spawn and select your job), the Military and Territorial bases are all SAFE ZONES - ONLY exception being during specific Roleplay scenarios PLANNED OUT through server admins OR at the discretion of the Commanders. 4.2 - Value of Life/FearRP: Roleplay is meant to be as realistic as possible. With that, people who have no means of defending themselves, or fighting back against an opposing threat (armed enemies) are to fear their death. This means complying with those who are threatening you at gunpoint if you are unarmed. 4.3 - Friendly Fire: Attacking one’s own team is classified as RDM without any roleplay surrounding it. Those who are caught constantly assaulting teammates with the intent to troll will be punished. 4.4 - New Life Rule/NLR: When given roleplay is taking place, one is not permitted to return to the scene after respawning. This extends from any planned scenarios, holdups and even simple supply runs. (EXCEPTION: As stated above, this applies in given roleplay, meaning general activities that do NOT pertain to any RP DO allow returning after respawn.) #5 - Fair Play 5.1 - Usage of cheats via scripts or exploiting in-game bugs/vulnerabilities to provide an advantage over other players are not permitted. 5.2 - Combat Log: Disconnecting from an active roleplay/combat situation which may otherwise result in adverse consequences to your character (including but are not limited to death or jail sentence) or avoiding respawn/jail timers by disconnecting is not permitted. (Instant 24h Ban if caught) 5.3 - Usage of alternate accounts as a mean to circumvent a ban is not permitted, this includes the period when a ban appeal is being reviewed. 5.4 - Spamming to join the server is not permitted (You may press join once every 30 seconds) 5.5 - With the difficulty to enforce/monitor shared usage of player accounts, accounts that are found guilty to have breached any server rules will render the owner of the account liable for punishments, regardless of who was using the account at the time of the offence. 5.7 - Ensure your steam name does not include special characters, symbols or emojis, as they may appear as squares or other unknown characters in game. 5.8 - Accounts terminated due to breach of server rules will have all their characters wiped, regardless of the severity of the offences, thus marks the end of their in-game character's life #6 - Interaction with Staff Team 6.1 - When seeking help from the staff team, do not direct message or @name-alert a staff member unless otherwise told to. Either ask for staff in chat while in game, or ask for staff in the #help-and-support channel. 6.2 - Staff decisions are non-negotiable. However if the decision appears to have been made in error, or procedural fairness was not observed, the dispute should be handled via a player report on the forums. 6.3 - Lying or falsifying statements to a staff member or forging evidence to support a complaint or an appeal is not permitted. 6.4 - Staff applications may be found on the forums, however plagiarism is a serious offence, and may face up to permanent removal from the community. #7 - Insults, Threats & Harassments 7.1 - OOC harassments, spreading hatred, sending threats and insults are not permitted. Includes repeatedly "joking" or messaging another person despite being told not to or via expression of discontent. 7.2 - IC insults are only permitted under explicit roleplay conditions, but not to be excessive. #8 - Forums 8.1 - You may not comment on any Staff application posts, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. If you believe a certain individual had broken a rule, the appropriate place for that would be the Player Reports sub-forum. 8.2 - When commenting your opinion on other users’ posts, ensure your comments are constructive, that includes downvotes. Justify your +/-1s with reasons rather than outright rejecting an idea simply because you didn’t like it. 8.3 - The only occasions you may post on any player reports or ban appeals are either you’re the author or a member of staff, or you have supporting evidence to contribute to the post. #9 - Player Rules 9.1 - Anti Aircraft vehicles are to ONLY be used on aircrafts specifically. Breaking this rule would be the equivalent of RDM. 9.2 - A maximum of 2 Tanks/APC’s are allowed to be used per side 9.3 - Sticky bombs are to only be used in HEAVY ROLEPLAY. They can also double as ANTI-TANK grenades in the event of a TANK vs. FOOT PATROL scenario ONLY. [The Player Rules section is subject to change as the server grows and we find what works and what does not]
  2. #1 - Staff Team 1.1 - When seeking help from the staff team, do not direct message or tag a staff member unless otherwise told to. Follow the staff hierarchy which is as follows: (Bottom to top) Rust Project Leader Developers Admin Moderator 1.2 - Staff decisions are non-negotiable. However, if the decision appears to have been made in error, or procedural fairness was not observed, the dispute should be handled via a player report on the forums. 1.3 - Lying or falsifying statements to a staff member or forging evidence to support a complaint or an appeal is not permitted. 1.4 - Staff applications may be found on the forums; however, plagiarism is a serious offence, and may face up to permanent removal from the community. 1.5 – To make a fair playing field there is a message that will appear when ever an object is spawned. #2 - Out Of Game Rules 2.1 - If players are residing inside a public group channel you must leave immediately 2.2 - Locked rooms may be provided to clans that are trusted 2.3 - If your codes are released publicly due to streaming or other media that is your fault. Be smart about who you share codes with. #3 – Toxic Behavior 3.1 – Rust is a toxic game however going out of your way to abuse or threaten someone in our community will result in an instant dismissal. 3.2 - Any form of harassment or discrimination whether based on Gender,Age,Religion or sexuality will result in your removal from the community #4 - Cheating/Exploiting 4.1 - Usage of cheats via scripts or hacks that provide an advantage over other players are not permitted. 4.2 - Any Exploits regarding the game features are not to be used 4.3 - No usage of alternate accounts Any and all updates to these rules will be first mentioned in the announcements channel and then will be posted here(edited)
  3. The community's Patreon page was launched recently, if you wish to support the FDG community, please head over and take a look. If you're in a position to donate we'd be super appreciative, if you're not, we understand that not everyone has spare money lying around so there's no pressure. Thanks! DONATE HERE Made a pledge and obtained your Discord Patreon role? Post a screenshot of your Discord user card below and you will be assigned the respective role on forums as well! Our single payment donators are welcomed here to obtain the legacy badge to display on your forum user card too! Simply throw a screenshot of your Discord user card of you in the "Donator Group" in a reply!

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