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  1. Changelog 14 Mar 18

    LSLA/FDG Development Team Update – 14/03/18 Hello people, so tonight we are pushing a few new features/updates and bug fixes; Drug locations have packed up camp and move around the map! Note these are all new locations; nothing has been reused (thanks Marty). You will note the following changes; - There is no longer specific drug sell locations for each drug type! Now instead you will find a Drug dealer that accepts every type of drug! These have been conveniently placed near LSPD (City) and BCSO (County) look for the red D! - We have also fixed a bug allowing people to use the weed facilities with no cops online. - The rewards for Drugs have been increased to be better than civ jobs, as crime should pay more (risk vs reward). - We have also fixed a fair few bugs within our business system; - Business owners (bosses) should be able to clean money correctly now, with a live feed showing their business bank accounts. - Bosses within LSPD/County/HWY can now correctly clean money and buy new weapons for their staff. New Vehicles; - EMS has three new vehicles for them to use. - Admins have a few new toys to test before we implement to others. On to server stability issues; You will obviously note that since our port across to a new dedicated server the reliability of the servers suffered. Now this was a combination of problems all occurring at once, which took a while to troubleshoot and investigate. Apologies for the downtime and loss of cash due to restarts! - Our admin panel has been fixed, it had a hidden setting that would ‘stop’ the service if the slots were exceeded (33/32). - We had a temporary fix added to the server for our ELS (emergency lighting system) this was causing large hitch warnings, which generate frame lag or ‘desync’ this has since been fixed.(edited) New features coming; - You might have noticed a new job in the job centre. Car Thief is coming, it will be a new job for civilians, it can include a boss to manage the staff under it, and however we are unsure at this stage. Testing is still underway, I would love to add it now but need more time to get rid of some nasty bugs, also balancing needs to occur so we get the correct amounts for the job (it pays dirty money). - We are currently working on the fire department (FD), so far coding and testing efforts have been going well! We have established a fire spawn system that randomly generates a fire across the map. FD are notified and if the fire is not put out with a certain period, it can grow quite large! The job and rank structure has been put in place to accommodate this new feature when it goes live with a HQ with spawn points for vehicles and uniforms for our firefighters! - Food and Beverage system (hunger and thirst) will be added soon, we are still testing to ensure everything works as intended. Fine-tuning the percentage of drain per minute will have to be thoroughly tested, as we do not want you to feel like you have to eat/drink every 5 minutes! - Vehicle inventory is being looked at to include a rating for each car type, this will allow customizable weight requirements depending on the vehicle type. Eg if you try and store Coke in your small 2 door ford focus, it should be less than if you were to take say a giant truck? That is what we are hoping to implement soon, testing is already underway to ensure appropriate amounts are set. - Car wash! Many have asked for it, so we have thrown something together to add this feature for you all. It is under testing now as we have run into a few bugs but will give you guys an update in our next briefing! - New jobs for civilians, we are looking at adding a trucker job/pizza delivery and a few other specialties however this has only just begun, will give you an update soon! That is it for this week; we hope you enjoy your time on! If you have any issues please submit a bug report here;
  2. Changelog 08 Mar 18

    LSLA Development Team Update – 08/03/18 Hey people, so tonight we are pushing across to our new server host, along with that we will be pushing the current updates live; - Removed ball from the blacklist as it wipes player’s weapon inventory when purchased. - Tattoo shop! Check for the blips around the map to purchase tattoos for yourself. - The Lost MC now has their complete rank structure in game watch out for them, they are armed and dangerous! - K9 unit WITH K9 unit cars have been added; we are still heavily testing however but should be fully implemented shortly! - Updates to our loading screen. - Fixed bugs with the scoreboard (now the DEL key to access) made the text bigger and lowered the spacing between ID and player name. - Added a new range of vehicles for LSPD (City) this include the entire NSW Police skins in ELS. - By popular demand, we have increased the value for the tyre popping script to make them less likely to explode; this rate is now much slower than what we had previously. No changes were made to the damage script itself as we felt it was sufficient for RP needs. - Flare gun has been added to PD inventory to aid in search and rescue operations. - ELS now has an extra script added to restart the resource every 30 minutes, this will help prevent crashes/glitches to the ELS system. We have many new and exciting features coming along with a few new cars that will be purchasable at your local dealer. If you have any issues please submit a bug report here; LSLA Development Team
  3. Donate to the server

    The community's Patreon page was launched recently, if you wish to support the FDG community, please head over and take a look. If you're in a position to donate we'd be super appreciative, if you're not, we understand that not everyone has spare money lying around so there's no pressure. Thanks! DONATE HERE Made a pledge and obtained your Discord Patreon role? Post a screenshot of your Discord user card below and you will be assigned the respective role on forums as well! Our single payment donators are welcomed here to obtain the legacy badge to display on your forum user card too! Simply throw a screenshot of your Discord user card of you in the "Donator Group" in a reply!
  4. Server Rules

    Los Santos Life Australia Rules #1 - No Mixing IC from OOC 1.1 - OOC: Out of Character, includes all the information/actions/events related to the real world that your character is not aware of. OOC Chat Prefix: /ooc. 1.2 - IC: In Character, includes all the information/actions/events related to the virtual world each of your individual character belongs to (aka Los Santos) 1.3 - IC Chat Prefix: /tweet (Twitter), /911 (EMS-Police Communication), Nil (Local IC Chat), /er (EMS Dispatch Prefix), /pr (PD Dispatch Prefix), /me (Emote) 1.4 - Usage of emoticons, internet slangs (e.g wtf, lmfao, etc) in IC text chat is not permitted, unless in a tweet. #2 - Metagaming (MG) 2.1 - Gathering IC information from sources other than from in-game IC, forum IC, from the active IC character or IC Voice Channels (Any discord channels not under “OOC” Voice Category) 2.2 - Stream sniping is not permitted. 2.3 - Paying special IC attention to staff/organisation leaders due to acknowledging their OOC status is not permitted #3 - Non-Roleplay Behaviours 3.1 - Random Deathmatch (RDM): An act of killing another player's character for little to no in-character reason, deliberately attempting to incite a fight with little to no reason 3.2 - Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM): Usage of a vehicle to randomly plow through a group of people with no justifiable IC reason, includes intentionally crashing any aircraft into a crowd of people or pulling a “911”. 3.3 - Value of Life: Your character is afraid of death, when held at gunpoint (short distance), you should comply with any commands issued. Quick weapon draws or other unrealistic actions in an attempt to live on is prohibited. 3.4 - Ruining a peaceful roleplay (griefing other players) 3.5 - Roleplaying Crashes: Failed to acknowledge vehicle damages, taking advantage of in-game physics to continue driving/flying as if nothing had happened. 3.6 - Unrealistic Roleplay: e.g continued to sprint/run after being shot, or using IC communication while dead or sending IC texts when the phone is confiscated, or returning vehicles at high speed into the garage 3.7 - Cop Baiting: Deliberately conducting illegal activities to gather unnecessary attention from the police 3.8 - Neutral Faction: No hostile actions are permitted against EMS personnel or properties 3.9 - Powergaming (PG): Forcing other players into your own roleplay, or forcing a roleplay outcome onto other players 3.10 - If there is something you can’t do in real life or has significant difficulty doing so, don’t do it on the server, such as stealing emergency vehicles, unless as a last resort escape attempt. 3.11 - Weapon Draw: Depositing/Withdrawing two-handed weapons from storage (other than Packs or Bags) must be roleplayed via /me. If placed in a vehicle, it must not be placed on your character (e.g not on your lap). It is a good practice but not required for one-handed weapons. 3.12 - You must cooperate with the police force when pulled over for misdemeanours, such as traffic offences. #4 - Fair Play 4.1 - Usage of cheats via scripts or exploiting in-game bugs/vulnerabilities to provide an advantage over other players are not permitted. 4.2 - Combat Log: Disconnecting from an active roleplay/combat situation which may otherwise result in adverse consequences to your character (including but are not limited to death or jail sentence) or avoiding respawn/jail timers by disconnecting is not permitted. (Instant 24h Ban if caught) 4.3 - Usage of alternate accounts as a mean to circumvent a ban is not permitted, this includes the period when a ban appeal is being reviewed. 4.4 - Spamming to join the server is not permitted (You may press join once every 30 seconds) 4.5 - With the difficulty to enforce/monitor shared usage of player accounts, accounts that are found guilty to have breached any server rules will render the owner of the account liable for punishments, regardless of who was using the account at the time of the offence. 4.6 - Usage of F6 menu while off duty is not permitted, you must be on duty to use it, and be in appropriate uniform in order to identify your role 4.7 - Ensure your steam name does not include special characters, symbols or emojis, as they may appear as squares or other unknown characters in game. #5 - Insults, Threats & Harassments 5.1 - OOC harassments, spreading hatred, sending threats and insults are not permitted. Includes repeatedly "joking" or messaging another person despite being told not to or via expression of discontent. 5.2 - IC insults are only permitted under explicit roleplay conditions, but not to be excessive. #6 - Police/EMS Personnel 6.1 - Job specific rules and promotions surrounding Fire Dept and Police can be found in their respective faction sub-forums or discord channels. 6.2 - FD/PD vehicles must not be parked in the middle of the road for any reasons, especially during combat situations. 6.3 - FD are not to enter an active crime scene/ robbery if the situation hasn't been cleared by the PD. 6.4 - Individual IC Characters working for Government agencies must not be, at the same time, be part of another Government agency or private organisations. While on duty working for a Government agency, the appropriate callsign/title must be used for the respective agency your character is working for. 6.5 - PD Personnel must not assume or arbitrarily press charges to a suspect for any reasons. There must be a probable cause for action such as witnessing a crime being done. #7 - Interaction with Staff Team 7.1 - When seeking help from the staff team, do not direct message or @name-alert a staff member unless otherwise told to. Follow the staff hierarchy which is as follows: Trial Moderators < Moderators < Admin Team < Community Managers / Development Team < Server Owners 7.2 - Staff decisions are non-negotiable. However if the decision appears to have been made in error, or procedural fairness was not observed, the dispute should be handled via a player report on the forums. 7.3 - Lying or falsifying statements to a staff member or forging evidence to support a complaint or an appeal is not permitted. 7.4 - Staff applications may be found on the forums, however plagiarism is a serious offence, and may face up to permanent removal from the community. #8 - Community respect 8.1 - This is an English-speaking server based in Australia, it is critical that members should maintain a competent level of oral and written English communication skills. 8.2 - You must have a working microphone to play on this server. 8.3 - Provide each other an opportunity to voice their opinion, and have their opinion heard 8.4 - When wishing to directly or indirectly reference another person's ideas or work, one must offer credits where they fall due, includes stating any co-authors who contributed to any forum posts, applications or proposals. 8.5 - This community comprises of members of varying age groups, including members under the legal adult age. It is expected that members (especially adults) should be mindful of their actions. 8.6 - Pursuant to 8.4, it is therefore expected that members should not perform any offensive roleplays such as torture, dismemberment, cannibalism or other extremely morbid activities. 8.7 - Erotic/sexual roleplays must not be conducted in public locations, and be mindful of the other party(-ies) age even when doing so in private. Public nudity is not a server rule breach, but to be resolved via IC means (e.g PD) 8.8 - Advertising is not permitted in this community. #9 - Neutral Zones Neutral zones are defined as locations (and its surrounding streets) where players must not conduct illegal activities, including illegal actions that affects a neutral zone (e.g Firing into a neutral zone). Players must not enter a neutral zone during an active non-peaceful roleplay situation except for Police stations to seek protection (but not for loitering). The following locations are marked as neutral zones, and any additional conditions that apply are as follows: 9.1 - Legion Square (Except Fleeca Bank for robberies only) 9.2 - Police Stations (Police stations must not be used as a hangout spot, loitering in this area is prohibited. PD is exempt from 9.2 only during prisoner breakouts.) 9.3 - Hospitals 9.4 - All community shared locations (e.g Garages, Yacht, Airports, Prison, Job Locations) other than illegal areas (e.g Drug areas, Black Market) #10 - Robbery / Hostage rules 10.1 - Robberies and hostage situations are only permitted once per hour as long as there are 3/3/4 Cops on duty (Discord) in the respective servers for hostages/shops/banks, and one of the cops must be an Officer+. For Pacific Standard, 4 cops with 1 being a High Command 10.2 - Sniper Rifles may only be used in heavy roleplay scenario, its definition is discretionary by an on-duty staff. Usage of Sniper Rifles within Law Enforcement may only apply to members of the SOG. 10.3 - There may only be a maximum of 5 people in any robbery crew. Maximum of 4 inside the compound with an optional 1 person is permitted outside of the robbery compound and that person must be designated as a getaway driver for the duration of the robbery. You may not call backup to fill in spare capacities during the event. 10.4 - No one may block the entrance to the compound with any vehicles or objects. 10.5 - Both parties must first attempt to negotiate a peaceful outcome, shooting is only permitted when the negotiation falls apart and after the negotiator has returned to cover. Ensure both parties toggled their voice range to SHOUT and can hear each other to prevent miscommunication. 10.6 - The maximum amount of ransom permitted per hostage per situation is $30,000. 10.7 - The maximum amount you may rob off another individual is $20,000, or equivalent value in marked notes or items. Items with a market value above $20,000 or items cannot be realistically stored on person is not to be taken (e.g Minigun, as it wouldn't be realistic that they are carrying them holstered at the time). 10.8 - The maximum amount you may scam off another individual via "money laundering" is $50,000, or equivalent value in marked notes. 10.9 - You may break a prisoner out of City PD cells with a crew of no more than 4 members, excluding any prisoners, via the front doors of the PD. The rear door may only be used for exiting. #11 - Discord 11.1 - Most rules aforementioned also apply to Discord channels, such as "ghosting" or spying inside chat channels to metagame, insult or harass others. 11.2 - Members must stay within their own job/organisation specific discord channels at all times whilst on duty. This rule is exempted when a member of staff team is dealing with a situation. 11.3 - Organisation channels are to be used by members of recognised and approved Orgs. Only members of the same Org may occupy one Org channel at a time, non Org members or rival Org members entering an active Org voice session may be seen as ghosting, and may be liable for metagaming. 11.4 - Members in an organisation participating in organisation activities at the time must have tags clearly visible in their username on Discord. (e.g [Lawyer] might be used for Law Firm) #12 - New Life Rule 12.1 - New Life Rule applies to your character every time he/she is revived by an FD-EMS or respawned at a hospital. Your character must not return to or rejoin the very last RP scenario or recollect any information about that scenario before death or 5 minutes leading up to the death, whichever is longer. 12.2 - Rule 12.1 does not apply to criminal suspects in an active police crime scene. 12.3 - FD-EMS may not revive any dead personnel resulted from an execution (e.g killing a hostage). The said personnel must respawn at a hospital and follow the same NLR stated in Rule 12.1. 12.4 - Where instructed by FD-EMS to be transported to a hospital due to serious injuries, you must follow such instructions. #13 - Restricted Areas - Access to the following areas is prohibited: 13.1 - Fort Zancudo 13.2 - USS Luxington ATT-16 Aircraft Carrier 13.3 - Vehicles on any runways (Vehicles can park next to hangars for passenger transfers) 13.4 - Bank Vault (Pacific Standard) #14 - Forums 14.1 - You may not comment on any Staff application posts, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. If you believe a certain individual had broken a rule, the appropriate place for that would be the Player Reports sub-forum. 14.2 - When commenting your opinion on other users’ posts, ensure your comments are constructive, that includes downvotes. Justify your +/-1s with reasons rather than outright rejecting an idea simply because you didn’t like it. 14.3 - The only occasions you may post on any player reports or ban appeals are either you’re the author or a member of staff, or you have supporting evidence to contribute to the post. 14.4 - You may file only 1 application of the same type (e.g PD Applications of any kind, FD, Gangs or Staff) at any given point of time. You may file an additional application of the same type at least 30 days after the first application was denied (for Ban Appeals and Staff applications), and at least 7 days for other types. #15 - Organisations - Any legal or illegal groups including gangs 15.1 - All organisations must be approved on the forums via Gang Applications, with a maximum member count of 8 including owner. 15.2 - Members in an organisation must have a valid ID with your character’s name and be able to produce such document in the event a member of the police requires it. 15.3 - Members in an organisation must be in their respective organisational uniform while actively participating in organisational activities. Members not in their respective uniform at the time may not participate in any organisational activities. 15.4 - All gang wars and attacks must be planned in advance, and permission to conduct a gang war must be sought through the Government’s Criminal Syndicate Branch (Aka Admin+ and are online in game). An IC backstory for the attack must be submitted in written format. 15.5 - Members in an organisation must have their voice settings set to SHOUT at all times while participating in organisational activities. 15.6 - It is a good habit to record all organisational activities where possible. 15.7 - Members in an organisation must use FDG Discord or Forums for all In-Character organisational businesses, such as (and especially) when actively participating in-game organisational activities (including but are not limited to planning attacks). Usage of external Discord servers is only permitted if they only serve a purpose to provide information about the organisation and recruitment. All staff must have full access to all external discord servers' features immediately upon request for auditing purposes. 15.8 - The Syndicate may revoke organisation registrations/approvals for breach of rules, which may include additional punishments to individual members of the organisation. 15.9 - The Commissioner of Police may declare an organisation as “Outlawed” for the duration of 12-24 hours, which will be specified in each declaration. Members of an outlawed organisation found in a group of 3 or more may be arrested and imprisoned for 10 years (minutes) for consorting (affiliation with an outlawed gang). 15.10 - Organisation territories are granted by the Syndicate, and may be revoked at anytime. 15.11 - Organisations must not loiter near a rival organisation’s headquarters, or provoke/instigate a fight. All initiations must follow rule 15.5. 15.12 - Business Owners must charge a minimum laundering rate of 10% to all clients. 15.13 - Business Owners may participate in illegal business activities or gang related activities. However if caught and arrested by police, their ownership of the business may be suspended or revoked. 15.14 - You may only be a member of ONE non-Government organisation at any given time (Account Wide)