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    +1 seems like a really cool idea and i really satisfied with the straight lines in your artwork
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    "LOST Motorcycle Club" General Information Many citizens of Los Santos may already be familiar with the Motorcycle Club the "LOST" from its previous endeavors under the president "Luke Lost", an interesting character who seemed to have been exiled from the city a few years back. As the previous members of LOST MC we wish to bring back the Club but in a different style, Indulging in alternative activities such doing charity rides to make the rare E75 fuel from Paleto bay more widely available to the poor of the city, and Barbeques at our Club house to create a sense of community among fellow motorcycle lovers. As the new and improved LOST MC, we aim to go back to our roots of when the LOST first began. When it was just a couple of mates from the army looking to honor their fallen brothers, while consuming lucrative amounts of drugs and being proper role models to the adolescent of this great city. Members and Ranks President: Michael Peni (pleb) Vice President: Bobby Knuckles (Bobby Knuckles) Secretary: SGT At Arms: Jax Young (Cetrix) Road Captain: Jack Michaelson (Why) Enforcer: (MudcrabWarrior) Patch Member: (Switch) Non Lucrative Activities Club House Events e.g. Barbeques, Bike meets, Charity Rides. Stopping Local Bullies. Helping the residents at the rehabilitation center stay drug free. Lucrative Activities Selling Drugs we gotta put food on the table and E75 in our bikes somehow. Club House The Clubhouse is a group of buildings on the north side of Mirror Park Boulevard in East Vinewood next to the Vinewood Race track and Casino Uniforms / Clothing Lost MC uniform will be any pieces of clothing providing a LOST MC Leather Vest or Jacket is Worn Vehicles Members of LOST MC are not limited by any means to the motorcycle they ride providing it isn't a sports or off road orientated motorcycle LOST MC Cars LOST Burrito Gang Van LOST Slam Van
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    Whacker Crew Da Tale of Whacker and Da BoyZ The name is Whacker, Whacker Smacker. Born and bred on da Grove and never left the hood. Da Grove is ma home and da home of da Whacker Gang, known as ‘Whacker and Da BoyZ’. Repping the iconic Black and Yellow thread and whips, we run da streets of Davis. Da people of Davis are suffering and da Whacker Gang are changing it up, no longer to be feared but to be cheered. Since Whacker took da streets back from da wannabee dealers, da pimps and da corrupt Five-O things have changed. You can smell peace in da air. We are out to protect da people, protect da streets. Dez streets use to be a war zone and da fuzz would shoot first, den shoot again. But now Da gang is bringing structure – yeah there are still drugs, still murder and thieving but Whacker and the crew are putting a stop to it, once you’re in da Hood, da BoyZ are watching. Da BoyZ have a strict policy, Sunday is God's day and you will find da Whacker Gang at Church, dressed in der Sunday suits, we welcome all to come join us to praise da almighty, share a few bevys and puff a little grass. During da week it is strictly business, collecting donations and distributing da wealth. Da crew have created a charity called “Da KidZ on Da Grove”, we support da forgotten kids, da kids walking da block at night, we get them off da street and into da care of da Crew, grooming them into fine citizens ready to take on da world. Da Crib Da BoyZ lay their head on Forum Drive, right next door to da Grove. It's not much, and it's gets cramped, but its home. Could really use a washing machine though, sick of washing da threads in da sink. Da Joint Whacker has a taste for fine Ballet, and plans to turn the run down, disgusting Vanilla Unicorn into a tasteful and respectful establishment where bitc...... Umm ladies, can come and do the graceful elegant art of Ballet - Naked, and on poles. Da BoyZ Whacker Smacker - ScottyDontNZ Gangster - DrFrank Gangster - Zeby Gangster - Blade Gangster - Benji Gangster - Maniac Prospect - TBD Prospect- TBD Activities Whacker helps with a charity 'Da KidZ on Da Grove'. He collects donations from organisations and individuals who would like to conduct business on da Grove. Some organisations lose hardware or people that need to be tracked down, da BoyZ take contracts from anyone who needs help recovering these assets. Sometimes these organisations need their rubbish collected and dumped in a secluded area. Whacker and Da BoyZ hand out candy to the citizens around da Grove. They love it! They get on a real sugar high and just want more! Good stuff. On Sundays da boys don their finest attire and go to church, all are welcomed.
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    Not a +1 or a -1 but as an alternative to the current responses how about considering an "Snipers can be used in this scenario" announcement thing, then you can build your plan around it but not necessarily know if they're using it
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    -1 pd are not informed if civs have sniper. It should built into you risk assessment for the scenario you are planning. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best..
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    Jefferson & Colt Lawyers Fergus' Backstory I Grew up in a small town called Hastings, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. I am A hard worker that fights for justice and what is right I have always wanted to be A lawyer because I feel that I will be able to change peoples lives and actually make a difference. I went to Auckland University to study law. I moved to Los Santos to start a new life after my parents died and haven't looked back since I worked self-employed as a lawyer and have done countless cases and won 70% of them. I met Jack Colt through working these cases and have decided to start up a business with him. Jack's Backstory While I was growing up I was bullied a lot I had lots of behavioral problems which has formed my strong sense of justice today I went to Harvard University To study law. I don't know how I did it but I had just passed from there I started working cases for Jessica Pearson in New York which I learned so much from this had really helped me to better my carrier from working all of those cases I met Fergus and our bond has strengthened over many years and now we have decided to form a partnership between which I hope works out. Members / Positions Partners Fergus Jefferson Jack Colt Employees Employees will be hired after the business has been accepted to keep it legal. Uniform Any professional suit and tie preferably black suit, white undershirt and black tie Jefferson & Colt Lawyers Activities Prosecution Defendant Lawsuits Business advice Legal advice Locations The locations where we will be operating are the courthouse and out apartments considering we are self-employed but when we hire some employees we will probably have a designated apartment for weekly meetings and to plan and discuss cases and clients.
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    Los Santos Emergency Services - Office of the Director Director Emergency Services Directive 01/10 1. This is a directive distributed to all members of the LSFD 2. Persuant to executive meeting 27 Oct 18, it has been decided that due to the pending changes to the Government structure, LSFD will undergo a period of transition in acquisition of new fleet, uniform and branding. 3. The following chain of command will be adopted: 4. Thus the changes to our branding is as follows: a. LSFD will be rebranded as LSES (Los Santos Emergency Services) b. LSFD will be rebranded as LSFS (Los Santos Fire Services), a branch of the LSES c. EMS will receive a new branding as LSAS (Los Santos Ambulance Services), a branch of the LSES d. Trainee Paramedic rank will be rebranded as "Intern" e. Lieutenant rank will be rebranded as "Station Officer" f. Captain (EMS) rank will be rebranded as "Inspector" g. Captain (FD) rank will be rebranded as "Commander" h. Battalion Chief (EMS) rank will be rebranded as "Superintendent" i. Battalion Chief (FD) rank will be rebranded as "Chief" j. Deputy Chief rank will be rebranded as "Deputy Director" k. Chief LSFD rank will be rebranded as "Director" 5. During the period of transition, there are abosolutely no issues with interchanging the aforementioned terminology, AS Officers may still be known as EMS, and FS Officers may still be known as FD. 6. Logos and additional brand materials will be distributed at a later date. 7. LSES High Command structure will be scaled based on the size of the establishment. This does not imply all positions will be filled based on the following criteria, as it only implies a maximum number of positions that may be appointed. 8. As this transition takes place, new SOP, Handbook and other materials will be reviewed, updated and produced as necessary. This directive takes effect on 28 Oct 18. Phil Goode Director Los Santos Emergency Services
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    As someone who has been on different role-play servers for nearly 5 years, it disappoints me to have to have this whinge. (petty bitch incoming). Role-playing becomes very boring and stagnant if you power game or don't let the role-play "work itself out". What do I mean by this? "Power-gaming (or power gaming) is a style of interacting with games or game-like systems, particularly video games, board games, and role-playing games, with the aim of maximising progress towards a specific goal, to the exclusion of other considerations such as storytelling, atmosphere and camaraderie. Due to its focus on the letter of the rules over the spirit of the rules, it is often seen as unsporting, un-fun, or unsociable." By definition, going by the 'rules' one hundred percent of the time is just repetitive and boring. I do not mean server rules, they should be followed 100% of the time. My complaint is about the way certain players use their powers as Police officers. This evening I was playing as a homeless ex-vet. I was stumbling around the street and was role-playing as a bit of a bum. The cops arrived and threw the public intox spiel at me. At one stage I did use the /me smells of alcohol. Rather than offering assistance in the form of a hotel / support services, I was arrested and taken to the police station, fined $1,000 and thrown in jail. Let me reiterate... I was a homeless character without a home or money... and had been fined $1,000. The first breathalyzer was role-played as 0.00 BAC. The officer went out to his car and brought in his alleged 'infallible' breathalyzer. Again it was role-played as 0.00 BAC. The officer then said "I don't know what device you're looking at... mine says 1.07". I believe this would come under 'power gaming'. My intention with the character was to pose as previously a drug addict however the role-play was essentially cut. My main concern isn't that I was fined or what not. It was the fact that the police (it may be a small percentage) rarely break from their plastic mould of 'law book'. I would ask that there be more compromise and open ended roleplay enjoyed. A second issue I have. There was a situation shortly after the above where both myself and another were arrested for seperate offences (him GTA, me allegedly firing a gun in public). The other guy was taken to jail essentially immediately whilst I stood on the side of the road with the Officer I was being arrested by while he waited for a lift back to PD. When I was finally processed and put in jail the other guy (who had the exact same length sentence) was already half way into his sentence. Now I understand there has to be jail and all of that good stuff. However as a civillian there is literally 0 roleplay possibility whilst standing in jail or being processed. I had been in cuffs for 10 + minutes, processed for 5+ minutes and then jailed for 10 minutes. I dunno ... I just feel a little discouraged about playing. Why would people want to play as civillian and roleplay a situation... if all that is going to result is 30 seconds of roleplay and then 25+ minutes of being in cuffs standing doing nothing. It's probably me being salty or a sore loser. Anyway... if you've got this far... thanks for reading my whinge / bitch. Have a good night.
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    Male Paramedic - All TShirt1 - 129 Torso1 - 34 Torso2 - 0 Pants - 35 Arms - 85 Chain1 - 126 Bulletproof Vest - 13 Shoes - 24 default, or choice of smart shoes Bags and other accessories - Freedom of Choice, but must be realistic and should reflect on the professionalism of LSES/Paramedics Firefighter - General Duties TShirt1 - 129 Torso1 - 34 Torso2 - 1 Pants - 19 Pants2 - 1 Arms - 85 Chain1 - 18 Bulletproof Vest - 13 Shoes - 24 default, or choice of smart shoes or work boots Bags and other accessories - Freedom of Choice, but must be realistic and should reflect on the professionalism of LSES/Firefighters Firefighter - Fire Suit Blue - Firefighters and Senior Firefighters Only Green - LSES High Commands and Commanders Only Yellow - LSES Director/Deputy Director Only TShirt1 - 68 Torso1 - 77 Torso2 - 0 Pants - 19 Pants2 - 1 Helmet - 45 Helmet2 - 0/1/2 Arms - 63 Shoes - 51 or any other compatible boots Glasses - Recommended 25, or nil. Bags - No bags. Other accessories - Freedom of Choice, but must be realistic and should reflect on the professionalism of LSES/Firefighters
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    ye Los Santos Emergency Services - Ambulance Division Application Section 1: Requirements Application Type: a. Primary / Volunteer (Delete the not applicable option) b. Initial Application / Returning Member (Delete the not applicable option) c. If Returning, last callsign & rank, (Optional) date of discharge - Check the Roster (EMS), Pick the FIRST vacant 4C (Cadet) callsign - 1. Do you have a working Microphone? Yes 2. Are you proficient in English (Speaking, Understanding, and Writing)? Yes 3. Do you have Teamspeak & Discord installed? Yes 4. Are you able to use Teamspeak at all times while on duty? Yes Section 2: In-Character Information 1. Full Name - Bob National 2. Age - 35 3. Prior Education/Training: - EMS officer for 10 years in liberty city 4. Current Occupation - garbage truck driver 5. What would you like to achieve in the ES? - to gain newer experience in the EMS service and help others around the City LS 6. Criminal History (List each in a new line) - Robbery Speeding 7. Do you have associations with any criminal faction(s)? No Section 3: Out-of-Character Information 1. In-Game Name - Bossdingo32gaming 2. Discord Name and ID - Bossdingo32gaming#6739 3. Country & Timezone - Australia - AEST 4. Server rule breaches/misconduct history (List each in a new line) - NON 5. Any Past Medical RP Experience - LSLA early days, I was temary EMS when Matt was in charge 6. If there's one thing you can change in the ES, what would it be? - Nothing perfect the way it is -
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    Hey im all for a second Dealer to get competition going. Just one question. Do you know what your Local Cardealer buys his Cars for? No you only have the Price he wants for it. Same here,as i see it they can charge you 140% everything below you have to barigan for and it basicly nothing else then them being nice to you/rewarding oyu for good RP. Why is the Price they buy it for so important? Realisticly you wouldnt know besides its not like you could get one second hand or at anouther source... Can even believe im defending Imaginary atm
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    I understand what youre on about and i support it and brought this up before. But sadly it will not be changed. You have to see that the car dealers set threyre prices the way they are because they have to buy and pay the car themselves before reselling it wich means the only Profit they get are those 40% theyre allowed to overcharge. If they would make prices public that will only lead to problems since why would you buy a car for 250k if you know they only payed 200? It sucks but thats sadly the reality. And yes you can very well negotiate you just need to try. Last time i bought a Car i brought the Price down a full 100k! But as he said most people dont even try it. Just try it the most they can say is no. Also you can very well determin how much a car is worth to you. Take it for a test Drive,ask for outher similar Vehicles and what they would sell them for. Nobody said you have to go in and be done in 5 Min. Its an RP heavy Job so you can RP and make sure the Car is what you want. I mean would you just got to a Car salesman and buy a Car whitout considering outher Vehicles and the Price?
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    That was the plan, but I figured I should suggest my own location. However, if this gets any interest, I would definitely be open to work out of the casino! Thank you for your feedback though, I really appreciate it.
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    -1 Not keen on this at all. Hard enough to keep up with laws when new PD start. Don't need to bring in a process that is going to make them change more regularly..
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    Backstory Founded by Baz 'The Pres' Power back in 1999, Lunatix MC originally started in Vice City as a group of criminals that had a love for Harleys and military warfare. The main reason they formed this outlaw motorcycle club was because of the ongoing feuds with the locals at the time 'Vice City Bikers' (VCB), the president of VCB was Big Mitch Baker. Baz called for a meeting between the two presidents thinking he could trust Mitch Baker, this meeting took place at 'The Greasy Chopper' one of the VCB's local bars and fronts. During the meeting Baz and his brothers were ambushed by Mitch which lead to the death of 12 Lunatix members, Baz on the other hand escaped although was shot 6 times in the arms and chest. After being in critical condition in the hospital for 3 weeks Baz finally found the courage to take revenge, he did so by luring all the VCB into their bar at the time 'The Greasy Chopper' then blockading all entries and setting the bar up in flames. Baz watched all these filthy rats burn to death and quickly fled the scene to avoid the police. This was all done in broad daylight and innocent bystanders gave statements to the police and Baz was accused of the death of 23 VCB members, Mitch Baker included. Without hesitation Baz headed straight to Escobar International Airport with a one way ticket to San Andreas. Lunatix Ranks/Roster President - Baz 'Pres' Power (BAZ) Vice President - Sergeant At Arms - Jack 'Sarg' Breacher (Cutup) Treasurer - Sergio Marquina (GREASY_TACOz) Member - Chris Gomez (DrDre) Member - David Pronto (Arkas) Member - Hassan Khalil (DonkeysFame) Prospect - Proposed Locations Sandy Shores Tattoo Parlor La Fuente Blanca MC Photos
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