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    With the departure of Our CEO (Reaper), I would like to apply for the CEO position in Airlines. A Little about me can be found here - Working as GM with retired CEO I was able to see his vision but could also see his frustration with the business. I would like to continue his legacy and also push the envelope tor Airline use. I already have a 2ic in mind to assist the team and to be able to support me in this position. As per the Airline see the relevant items below. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Proposed: Items to be improved/fixed. Different planes/Helli's, Sea and Cargo. Cargo Hold, To move your items with less risk. Uniform Cleaning - got to be able to wash. (Currently broken, not tested since forum post) Limo Service - for client pickup and delivery for the entire experience (Taxi's are dirty). We aim to please. If you have a special request let me know and we will see what we can do. Basically, get in, sit down and shut up. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Charters Plenty of Cargo/passenger space Pickup on the beach ? Vehicle Transport? Reference
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    The Habibi Brothers Backstory: This Lebanese organised crime group was introduced in Australia after the mass immigration of Lebanese people after the Lebanese Civil War in the 1970s. The Lebanese Civil War caused many families to part. Many families decided to send their children to different locations all around the world in search for a better life. Many of these immigrants were children, young adults, and women. Slowly but surely Lebanese criminals started emerging within their local communities and started to rise up in power. The Habibi Brothers were the first of the Lebanese organisations in Australia who started their operation in Melbourne. When in Melbourne, they found themselves doing the dirty work for other gangs and organisations, things only migrants could be hired to do, drug testing, drug deals and forgery. The three boys in question, starting with Mahmoud Fawzi, the quick thinking eccentric, and leader of the Habibi Brothers, quickly showed off his prominence and prestige as a professional drug dealer and money maker for the group while operating in Melbourne. Abdullah Fawzi, second in command of the group managed to etch himself as a professional mechanic. Muhammad Bin Fawzi, the brains of the group and third in command, managed to get into University to study Law and is fluent in legal terms and has gotten his two brothers out of tight spots many times. An opportunity presented itself for the crew, with the upcoming Melbourne Hectic Mechanics show, the organisation entered and won. They were given first prize, the choice to move into a new city to expand their business, while handing their old Melbourne crew to trusted friend Alphonse Gangitano. When the 3 brothers were taken to Australia they were still young with the oldest being 25 and the youngest being only 18, they found it hard to survive in a new country that they didn't know so this led to the oldest brother Mahmoud Fawzi deciding to unite with his 2 other brothers and form The Habibi Brothers. They now operate in over 3 countries, with reach from the United States to Australia. This Lebanese gang has successfully infiltrated and penetrated the governments and systems of these countries, and they keep growing their criminal enterprises day by day. The crew is now wanting to expand into Los Santos, and with news of Alphonse’s death, they wish to redeem their family name, the money they lost and expand their family by recruiting more members within its ranks. Now they are making their way down to the Los Santos Community. Brotherhood Members & Ranks: President: BigDogAlex - ( Mahmoud Fawzi ) Vice President: Snackn - ( Abdullah Fawzi ) Vice President: Wallahi_Habibi22 - ( Muhammad Bin Fawzi ) The Brothers: Snipez78697 The Brothers: TBA The Brothers: TBA Brotherhood Theme Song: The Clubhouse: Brotherhood Activities: Arms dealing Kidnapping Drug trafficking Bank robbery's Lebanese Role-play situations Convoys Hostage situations Lebanese parties Security service Storage Room: What The Habibi Brothers Organisation wants: We would like to obtain a circle for interactions at our garage to allow us to store items as an organisation such as guns, drugs, and money. The weapons that we will like to use as an organisation are: AP Pistol: http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/AP_Pistol Sawed Off Shotgun: http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/Sawed-Off_Shotgun Machete: http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/Machete
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    How To Get The Postal Codes 1 - Go to this link and follow these steps - https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-modified-gta-v-street-names-w-block-numbers/8717 2- Click on the download button which should look like this - 3- Once u go to that download u shout get a screen like this - ( Heres the download link just incase https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VlQJCtViVHFPAMeV5KRnW0TYFMMm69tv/view ) 4- Hit the download icon in the top right and download the .RAR file 5- Once its download open it and it should look like this - 6- Once there open your rar follow this video and that i put below - 7- Once u have done that u are going to want to load into Five M and join a server - 8- Once u have joined your server your going to want to go to your setting and change your textures to high - 9- Then your map should look something like this - I hope this tutorial helped out, if you want feel free to contact me anytime if you need help with the Postal Codes Yours Sincerely Kevin Frost Credit To @Chippo For helping me fix my postal Codes
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    CAESAR'S CHAPTER MC ROSTER ----------------------------------------- President - JoKeR Vice President - Aryxe Sgt at Arms - Bobby Knuckles Road Captain -Cetrix Patch Member - Choade Patch Member - Ram G Prospect - Vacant Prospect - Vacant ---------------------------------------------------------- - Background - Caesar's Chapter is an Outlaw MC formed in late 2017 as a subdivision/sister chapter to the Lost MC. Caesar's Chapter MC consists of Veteran Lost MC Members who are known for their in-humane terrorist like kidnappings and heavy use of drugs within the club. The notorious and controversial band of Nomads are considered to be among the deadliest in Los Santos. Caesar's Chapter was formed by Billy and Jack Ace (The Ace Brothers) who own and run Aces Liquor the home and clubhouse to all members of the MC. Aces Liquor is also notorious for its shootouts, fights and lack of safety to the general public. The Store itself has been shutdown numerous times and considered to be a front for CC's illegal operations. - Ace Family - (The Ace Brothers are known for there two very different personalities and attributes) President Billy Ace - Billy being an outspoken drug addict with known bipolar-ism and borderline Psychosis, he is highly controversial in his leading techniques and is a loose cannon with no regard to human safety or his own life. Billy is recognizable through his famed Handlebar mustache and red turtle neck. Vice President Jack Ace - Jack is known for his calm demeanor in almost every situation, he helps balance his older brothers outbursts and generally advises Billy on what the "sane" thing to do is. Jack is recognizable through his infamous red Mohawk and heavily tattooed body. The Duo are dangerous when together. - Famed Members - Bobby "Cop Slayer" Knuckles an esteemed and highly respected member of the MC, known for his brute strength and discipline. Bobby is considered to be highly dangerous when armed and is a long term member of Caesar's Chapter. Jax Young is one of the youngest members of the club, he has high aspirations and potential. Known for his hotheadedness and aggressive behavior towards opposing gang members. - The Sandy Shores Raids of 2018- After several raids led by police and government officials, Caesar's Chapter was low on morale and crept into hiding. Over half of its members were killed off during the brutal shootouts.... what was left of the notorious outlaw MC was broken. The Ace Brothers declared the Club inactive until the case was resolved/dropped and the remaining members delegated to the Lost MC uncertain that CC would return. - Recent Activity - Caesar's Chapter has recently popped back onto the map after months of hiding, When the Ace Brothers were able to re-establish ownership for Ace's Liquor, falling back into old habits the store has already been closed several times and membership is on the rise again. The infamous outlaw MC has claims throughout Los Santos and is re-building their reputation as the deadliest criminal organisation in the region. (More to come) Life in Caesar's Chapter MC
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    Strike removed due to 3 gangs taking apart in a shootout with no permission given by senior staff. Strike 1/3 for Lost MC 1. Failure to follow gang war procedure 2. Failure to announce to staff regarding possible / gang war shoot out 3. Powergaming - No prior RP or knowledge of a group, however, force hostile roleplay over nothing If you would like to contest this strike PM the gang / organization Syndicate Leader - Slyfah
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    +1 Love The Effort Put Into This Application
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    +1 Love the accents these guys are able to put on, really brings out multiculturalism in our community. Focus more on the Roleplay side of things and this idea will do well.
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    "Putting U in Secure" Corporate Security (Not a PMC) Organisation History: Gruppe6 was started by Mitchell Montagne back in 1992, Vice City, they started small as only mere shopping mall guards, but due to the lacking businesses in the security sector they were able to quickly expanded their services as a result of their growing popularity, this came with the business developing new roles such as Static guards, both armed and unarmed, and then eventually moved on to Cash-Transit and Precious materials transport, they were booming in Vice City and were soon able to start expansion to Liberty City, where they secured the role as the states head of cash security by the Bank of Liberty, and were granted the "Authorized to use deadly force" Scheme by the LCPD, This brought in much business for the company, and eventually were able to expand to Los Santos, and secured a contract with FLEECA and UDLS, it also brought new roles such as Armed Response and Prisoner Transport. Organisational Role: You will see gruppe6 all over Los Santos and even some of Blane County, mainly performing these such duties: Guarding High Risk areas: Fleeca Banks, Pacific Standard & Blane County Savings Guarding Medium Risk areas: Bottle Shops, Convenience Stores & Fuel stations Guarding Low Risk Areas: Car Garages, Public Areas eg: (Lesion Square) and Private Property Transportation of Cash, Goods or Minerals: Small: $1,000 - $5,000, Medium: $5,000 - $50,000, Large: $50,000 - $150,000 & Firearm transport Prisoner transport: Transporting High Risk Persons to and from LSPD stations and Boilingbroke Penitentiary Auxiliary Officers: They help the LSPD by guarding Jail Cells and paroling the Mission Row PD Armed Response: You can request Armed Officers to attend your premises rapidly for any reason you seem fit, We also offer tailored packages for any organisations requirements, Simply Email the CEO for a quote (Pm Discord) There will be a cost chart, so its recommended you have an account with us for cheaper rates Organisational Requirements, Our place of business will be the Union Depository, here we can get a uniform and use the garage as a spawn point for vehicles, For the Organisation we request that we have similar powers to the LSPD, powers that include, get ID, Search and Cuff, A point where our members can go and get into uniform, and spawn a few select vehicles, And acquire firearms for duty, A regular pay cycle from the Government of Los Santos (Job Role pay like PD) An Emergency Distress Button that notifys the LSPD that a Cash Truck is under attack. (use the same as PD Shft+PgDn) Notification when someone is breaking into Mission Row PD as well as Robbing a Bank/Store (same as PD), just in case someone gets through security undetected The ablility to lock and unlock PD doors a Discord channel with a text chanel viewable by everyone however cant be used, (to keep the guides there for everyone), and possibly a team speak channel too Vehicles Required These will be painted White apart from the Stockade and Prison Bus, so that some transport may remain covert for security purposes, alternatively have these skins provided below Stockade Rumpo Dilettante Crown Vic Prison Bus https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/ford-crown-victoria-gruppe-6-security-patrol-car-els https://www.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/gruppe-6-security-project Ranks: Security CEO - Quiggs $1,500 Security Captain - Jetthread $1,200 Security Team Leader/s - 50/50 $1,000 Security Officer/s - NIL $800 Trainee Officer/s - NIL $500 Overview: At this point its being trialed in game to see the response from Civs and Police to see if it makes the game more in depth with RP, or if its just a waste of time (Very good results so far) We would like a blip system setup around every bank, where we can go and collect items called "Money Bundles" this way we can use vehicles and players inventory to carry the bundles, once every bank has been done, we return to a location to sell the money bundles, that is where the guards and business will get their pay, we only want Myself, Jetthread and 50/50 to be able to sell these bundles to prevent members abusing this, this way we can actually store removable items in the trucks, and players can unlock or break into the trucks to get the bundles, then they can take the bundles to a hidden location that allows them to "sell" the bundles and convert to cash Are there any scripters i can talk too to make this happen or if its possible? There will also be an application process to join Grouppe6 I will also setup a cost chart for people that would like to hire the service I have made a Basic Guide on how to rob an Armored Truck : https://docs.google.com/document/d/19B82nHcUtHXZQYca_YrSbn5je7p3z9EbI5raTx9j1Ng/edit?usp=sharing We will use /Tweet to announce when a Truck is leaving the UD, in transit, near its final destination and Offline. Anything else i can think off i will add later, that or simply ask what other info is needed so i can supply, Not everything is needed so i dont mind leniency for what i ask for
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    MC Backstory Lunatix MC was founded by Baz Power in Western Sydney, Australia back in the 1980's. Baz grew up in a gang/crime related environment being the son of Sydney's biggest bikie boss Rick Power, National President of the Heavy Hitters MC. At a young age Baz was exposed to violence and crime, killing his first rival gang member at the age of 18. Extortion, theft, drug dealing and all sorts of crime came naturally to Baz and he was known by his rival gangs as a cold hearted killer. At the age of 24 Baz's father Damo was killed by the Police after a Bank robbery shootout which saw 4 high ranking members murdered. This caused an uprising within the club and brought about new leadership, although it wasn't Baz who got voted in as the new President. It was the Vice President at the time Neville Bartos and as time went on Neville slowly began driving Baz away from the club. One year later Baz met the likes of Napoleon Solo, Napoleon also lead a life of crime and violence. He was the leader of a street gang notorious for manufacturing and trafficking illegal drugs. Napoleon was also a weapons expert having military experience growing up. Baz decided to join forces with Napoleon and together they formed Lunatix Motorcycle Club, a hardcore 1%er MC. Lunatix MC grew in numbers recruiting gangsters of all races all over Sydney, it wasn't long before Neville had gotten word and threatened to kill Baz. That same night Baz rounded up his crew and went to war with Neville's Outlaws MC. After a shootout that lasted nearly an hour Baz and Napoleon were the only surviving gangsters. Two days later the pair packed their bags and headed for Los Santos. Members & Ranks President - BAZ Vice President - Treasurer - Sergeant at Arms - Siklikeme Road Captain - Patched Member - Orange Patched Member - Cutup Patched Member - Flex Patched Member - Trackdis Club Colours Black & Yellow MC Activities Arms dealing Hostage situations Kidnapping Convoys Drug trafficking Bank robberies Contract Killing Massive Role-play events Events, Bike & Car shows Community party's at our clubhouse TEQUI-LA-LA This is our clubhouse where we meet regularly for meetings and club matters, some of the best drinks in town are served at these bars. The Scrapyard This is where we dispose of waste and rubbish, fight nights are also held here, the best fighters come to battle it out. Vanilla Unicorn This is where community events will be held, such as karaoke nights and talent shows. Although in the backrooms it gets abit more sensual. (Disclaimer some photos are not mine and are from google.)
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    I Have Roleplayed With These Guys Couple Times Ingame As My O'Neil Character & Had Nothing But Fun & Resourceful Roleplay Big Jump From The Constant Killing Which This Server Was Induced To For A Long Time
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    Offender Name: NzTIol Offender Discord Name with #Identifier: (If Applicable) NzTlol #4700 Accused of rules: Combat Logging, Tasing in Neutral Zone. Description of event: Happened around 30mins ago from post time, Legion Square Garage was the Location. Nz decided to tase me and ran away from the Neutral Zone, I gave chase and shot him. He then Combat logged. Witnesses: N/A Evidence*: http://plays.tv/video/5aa380ef8181270574/nz-combat-logging-and-tasing-in-a-neutral-zone- *VIDEO EVIDENCE MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH AT LEAST 2 MIN IN LENGTH OR THE FULL LENGTH OF THE RP/LEADING UP TO THE RP
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    When in game press ESC to get the pause menu up Click on the Settings Tab than there are a list of options you want to go to Voice Chat the second last one Than on the right side you want to Make sure Voice Chat is Enabled first than your output device is set to the correct one than under that make sure you max (Voice Chat Volume) to make the bar Blue Down the bottom on Mic settings make sure your mic is enabled first than make sure the microphone volume and microphone sensitivity is maxed (making the bars blue)
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    Can you please put more information into your organisation history / Back story
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    Information: 1. Adjust topic title, username being the username we could identify you as, rule being the rule numbers that associate with your punishment(s) 2. It is an offence under Rule 7.3 to be falsifying statements/lying to staff in your appeal Appealing: (Delete where inapplicable) Ban(s) Usernames: Discord#xxxx - peak#5975 Game Username - peak Associated Steam ID - STEAM_1:0:184840066 Offences/Charges Issued: (List each in a separate line - Shift + Enter) 1. Hacking? Who issued the punishment(s): Console Description of event leading up to ban: There was a big outrage on the server with some modder/hacker spawning in mannequins and such. After a few times of leaving and rejoining. When all this chaos was dealt with, officially. I joined back and carried on role-playing with one of my friends, got into to his car, was on the way to the opium and a ban message was issued to me accusing me of hacking... Why should we repeal it: I think you should repeal it as I have really been enjoying this server for the few past days (one of the best serves I have came across) and I would really love to join back into the community of role-playing. Supporting evidence: -
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    The Clowncil The city is sick, and we are the cure. "The Clowncil" are a small collection of enigmatic Men, fueled by chaos and greed who wear the guise of a Clown to hide their true identities/feelings. They seem to be jolly and full of life on the outside, but this keeps those that oppose them on their toes due to them being extremely unpredictable, even in the most serious of situations. It’s impossible (possible for RP) to determine which of these incidents are hoaxes and which are tales of clowning around or taken to the extreme. Nonetheless, LSLA seem to be capitalizing on their love-hate relationship with The Clowncil, tapping into the primal dread that so many experience in our presence. The highly unusual physical characteristics of the clown (the wig, hat, big red nose, makeup, odd clothing, and colour scheme) only magnify the uncertainty of what The Clowncil might do next. There are certainly other types of organisations who creep us out, (The Lost MC, GruppeSechs Security, The Mangano Family & many more have made a good showing on the occupation spectrum). They have their own work cut out for them if they aspire to reach the level of creepiness that we automatically attribute to The Clowncil. (In other words, they have big shoes to fill.) Members Head Clown | Chuckles - Bonzibuddy Left Hand Clown | Tickles - MagnumOpus Right Hand Clown | Pickles - Bohemian Jokester | Giggles - AEZKE Jokester | Snuggles - King Eccy Jokester | Knuckles - Pkerzrulz Services Protection Services - Location or Person based. Prices negotiated in game Drug Exchange (Drugs for Services) Kidnappings Ransoms Bank Robberies Party Events Funny RP Situations Vehicles We'd like to request the Clown Van Dwellings Gentry Manor Hotel Our home base The Del Perro Pier Where business meetings are conducted Split Sides West Comedy Club Where we find our...inspiration DISCLAIMER: Some photos are provided by Google Images
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    Congratulations on making it into the Trial Stage! Please make sure you read all the Organisations Rules (#15 - Organisation) to ensure your success. Please make sure that your Roster is Up to Date at all times.
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    +1 Great Roleplayers, love the accents and effort in the Application
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    +1 Good fellas, Great RP players.
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    TRY THIS FIRST!: This fix works if you are having one of the following issues: Stuck on cinematic screen. Stuck on Loading screen. No Player selection menu. No pictures: Open FiveM. Open Task Manager and select Processes. Find FiveM.exe. Right click FiveM.exe select Details. Right click FiveM.exe set Priority to High. Right click FiveM.exe set Affinity to only have CPU 1 ticked. Load into the server. Select your Player. Right click FiveM.exe set Priority to Normal. Right click FiveM.exe set Affinity to only have all CPU's ticked. With pictures: 1. Open FiveM: 2. Open Task Manager and select Processes: 3. Find FiveM.exe 4. Right click FiveM.exe select details: 5. Right click FiveM.exe set Priority to High 6. Right click FiveM.exe set Affinity to only have CPU 1 ticked 7. Load into the server 8. Select your Player 9. Right click FiveM.exe set Priority to Normal 10. Right click FiveM.exe set Affinity to only have all CPU's ticked Done. This is not a 100% fix this works for me and someothers. I am working on detecting the actual issue by debugging FiveM and will make a updated thread with a actual fix.
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    TRIAL This gang / organisation will be put on trial make sure you read the rules before you RP. We will be considering your clown van request later on. Enjoy your time.
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    There is no 100% fix for FiveM. It is a modded framework with thousands of mods from hundreds of different authors. LSLA is not responsible for the majority of FiveM stability issues. 1. Clear you Cache - OFTEN at least once a week after server updates on Thursday. This forces your FiveM client to re download any server sides addons. 2.Disable Anti Virus inc Windows Defender **USE AT OWN RISK** including other software ie Malware Removal etc. **source FiveM.net 3. Patching GTA5 issue? https://forum.fivem.net/t/fix-error-503-service-unavailable/104035 4. Update Google Chrome to Latest Version. M65 Our in-game menu's use this. 5. Move FiveM Folder to GTA5 Folder. Depending on you GTA5 Vversion this could be in steam Apps or Program Files 6. Update GTA V and sign into Social Club Launch GTA V and make sure it updates and logs into Social Club again .. Patch issue? https://forum.fivem.net/t/fix-error-503-service-unavailable/104035 7. Clear "CRASHES" folder 8. Close any monitoring software. Software such as CPU-Z, GPU-Z Temp monitoring etc. have been known to cause issues with FiveM. FiveM > FiveM Application Data > crashes 9. Verify Install - (Steam) 10. Disable client side addons Some addons may cause issues with the server addons. Uninstall all Client side addons and then re install 1 at time until you find the one that is clashing. These addons include, Sirens and Visual Upgrades. 11. Try This 12. Close background programs Close anything you don't need in your system tray. 13. Goto FiveM.net Search the FiveM forums with details of your crash. Thanks for reading this guide. If you have any other suggestion please PM me on discord and i will add them to the list. Credit to FiveM.net, Google, BradlyW, Boics and CodeMonkey Mudcrab. HIT THE THUMBS UP IF THIS GUIDE HELPED!!
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    Rejected Combat log: His game crashed, he also came back as soon as possible and let you kill him which you did. Tazing in neutral zone: He admitted that he had no reason for the electric therapy and would like to apologise. (If you feel this report should have been dealt with harsher or softer feel free to PM myself on discord)
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    Please Add More Detail into your business. also i don't feel like this would be a great idea in the economy of Fat Duck Gaming At The Moment
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    Hi Everyone! Welcome to the new Forums for Fat Duck Gaming and the LSLA Community! We're running on the newest (and fully licensed) version of Invision Community. We couldn't port user accounts over so you will need to register again. Thanks!
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