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  5. Kerrs Kustoms Introduction Hello My Name Is Wayne Lewis Kerr I'm A Ret ired State Trooper LT Who Has Recently Taken Up Mechanics & Quickly Rose To Manager Of The City Branch Of Hans Customs & Was His Right Hand Man In Business Decisions Back Story On "Wayne Kerr" Wayne Kerr Was Born & Raised In Grapeseed Where He Personally Helped His Dad Run Their Cotton Farm With The Multicultural Plantation Hands Wayne's Job Was To Help Pick The Cotton On The Plantation & Fix The Broken Down Equipment Waynes Dad Was A Retired Mechanic Who Taught Wayne The Ropes Waynes Dream Was To Be A Police Man Which He Achieved At The Age Of 21 When He Graduated On top Of His Class In The Academy Where Early On In His Career Joined The Highway / State Trooper Division Of The LSPD In Which He Rose To The Rank Of LT Before The Merging Of State Troopers In Which Caused Wayne Kerr To Retire & Seek Another Career In Which He Talked To His Family Mechanic Han Who Gave Him A Chance As A Workshop Hand When Han Saw What He Could Do Han Quickly Pushed Wayne Through The Ranks Showing Him Every Trick He Knew & Finally Making His Rank Rest At The City Manager What Can I Do For The Business? * As A Previous LT & Manager I Know How To Run A Business *There Will Be Regular Fundraisers & Events Hosted Locally & At Event Sites To Help Raise Funds For The Local Emergency Services Such As EMS *I Will Be Working Closely With Other Bussiness *Hire More Workers *Work Closely With Government To Make New Things For The Business Ranks CEO - Wayne Kerr General Manager - Vacant City Manager - Vacant - County Manager - Vacant Master Mechanics Qualified Mechanics Apprentices
  6. +1 always active in town and was a great employee, I think he would suit this position.
  7. +1 Really active in general, Seen him in the streets helping his friends and family, lovely person.
  8. Clark's Mechanics Out of Character Information: In Game: MasonN. Discord: Mason_NLW#9216 In-character Info: Mason Clark Applying for: Ceo of Clarks's Mechanic Occupation: Han's Customs (Current CEO) About me: I'm Currently 28 Years old and have been working in the Mechanic industry for over 8 years now since starting my apprenticeship with the company around 9 years ago. When I first joined the mechanics I started off as an apprentice and I worked my way up the chain to 'Buisness CEO' And I feel that I have the ability and know what it takes to run a business of this kind Employment History: Mechanic Apprentice, qualified, master, Boss Criminal Record To my knowledge.. None Business Plan: If i become the CEO for mechanics.. I would make sure it will be run 7 days a week with active staff.. We will have the lowest of prices and the best of service and will try and bot disappoint anyone. We will offer good package deals which include both cosmetic and Engine upgrades in we will improve our service to the best of our abilities.. Reason For Application: The reason for my application is that I feel that I have gained the required knowledge on how to be the CEO of the Mechanics.. I have been in the mechanic industry for almost 9 years and have experience from towing to upgrading from advertising to dealing with customers.. I believe I could make the Buisness a better and happier place for all customers and employees How can you be of help to our investment Group: Our Services will be given around the state of LSLA. We will only hire Quality Employees that both Boss and the manager both feel that they know there job and they know how to handle customers. Both the citizens and staff of mechanics and LSLA will appreciate are business and they will be happy to come back and buy our services from us again Our Services: Tow/Repairs Customizations/upgrades Car Meets Legal Car Races Raffles Job positions: Boss Manager Master Mechanic Qualified Mechanic Apprentice Mechanic Base location I Would want the location for Benny's Workshop Company requests: Flat bed Tow Truck Yosemite CEO Car.. Not yet decided
  9. Topic Title: Mechanic CEO Application for Rhys Holden  CEO of Mechanic Tag: Mech/ Master Mechanic (( OOC Info In-Game/Steam Username: The Angel Of Death SteamID64: 76561198076502209 Discord#9999: Rice#8829 IC Info Full Name: Rhys Holden Occupation: Qualified mechanic Applying for: CEO of Mechanic Business Plan: the mechanics would change completely, make it a little bit cheaper for people that come in so that business stays alive, offer people food and drinks while they wait and possibly try to get an atm put into the mechanics shop so that people can pay right there and then, open the mechanics up a little bit and be extremely strict because you never know what the future could hold for the company, everyone would be forced to wear a uniform and people wouldnt be allowed to just disappear they have to ask me and get accepted for leave to go do things, simple Reason for Application: the old boss left from stress im guessing but stress doesnt affect me at all, id be perfect for the job, i spent awhile in the airforce cadets and learned alot, im also in line to work at my local holden dealer (irl) as a mechanic which will be better, im trained irl as a mechanic so i know the ins and outs of a car, ill basically flip the roleplay on its head How can you be of help to our Investment Group: The employees are not happy with the weekly pay, if i could i would make it daily, would never take money or be greedy about the company ill also always be open to suggestions Employment History: Mechanic - Qualified mechanic Criminal Record: a few crimes but i dont do that anymore, i dont touch illegal things including weapons
  10. (( OOC Info In-Game/Steam Username: techh SteamID64: 1100001191bc4a1 Discord#9999: )) techh#6500 IC Info Full Name: Bobby Sue Occupation: Garbage Truck Driver Applying for: CEO of Los Santos Mechanics Business Plan: I plan on being one of the most active, and reliable mechanic/mechanic ceo this town has ever seen. I am not one to put profit first, but the customer. Of course I will be making profit at the end of the day but I will try to also work with my customers to maintain a stable/friendly relationship with them, causing them to keep using the mechanic service. I am in town pretty much all the time, day and night, Bobby Sue is working his ass off. Reason for Application: I think it is time to take my work more seriously then I already do. I believe that becoming a CEO is the next step for me. I have an amazing work ethic and love to interact with people and provide what ever service I can to help anyone and everyone. Bobby Sue is all about hard work which is what I think this will bring me. Although i'm a funny lad, I know my way around business. How can you be of help to our Investment Group: I can meet with anybody at anytime to discuss profits and the money side and i'm always open minded to any ideas or requests that you have. Employment History: Garbage Driver Weazel News Garbage Driver Fisherman Garbage Driver Criminal Record: I have been unable to obtain the documents due to no one being present at the station.
  11. Topic Title: New Mechanic CEO Application for Barry Snag, CEO of Mechanic Tag: Mech/ Master Mechanic (( OOC Info In-Game/Steam Username: CountryBoi SteamID64: 76561198182321677 Discord#9999: CountryBoi#7057 IC Info Full Name: Barry Snag Occupation: Mechanic Master Mechanic Applying for: CEO of Mechanic Business Plan: My plans for the future of Mechanic will be completely re-designing the structure, Uniform and how the business operates by asking the current employees what they want! I also have plans to bring more bonuses to my employees more often, and also putting the commission up to something more beneficial for my employees so they can go home and live a wealthy life! Lastly, i will be on working with my employees and helping them out as much as possible aswell as keeping the business running smoother than anyone has ran it before. If i get accepted this will be an honour and i hope to start my goals as soon as i possibly can, hope to see you all out there! Reason for Application: The Mechanic boss, has left and i believe i am the correct person to run this business as i am professional, enthusiastic, reliable and efficient. The current way the mechanic business operates is very slacky and i feel as the employees are not happy with the pay or how the higher levels are acting. How can you be of help to our Investment Group: I am very good with money and will be careful and not spend all the business money like some other CEO's, i will happily pay my employees well in advance of their payday and build the economy stronger than ever! Employment History: LSES - Station Officer Car Dealer - Salesperson Mechanic - Master Mechanic Criminal Record: Few Crimes, but i have stopped as i went to rehab and now i have a house, and 3 kids. (Their Mother Passed away) and im very wealthy.
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  13. Whacker Crew Da Tale of Whacker and Da BoyZ The name is Whacker, Whacker Smacker. Born and bred on da Grove and never left the hood. Da Grove is ma home and da home of da Whacker Gang, known as ‘Whacker and Da BoyZ’. Repping the iconic Black and Yellow thread and whips, we run da streets of Davis. Da people of Davis are suffering and da Whacker Gang are changing it up, no longer to be feared but to be cheered. Since Whacker took da streets back from da wannabee dealers, da pimps and da corrupt Five-O things have changed. You can smell peace in da air. We are out to protect da people, protect da streets. Dez streets use to be a war zone and da fuzz would shoot first, den shoot again. But now Da gang is bringing structure – yeah there are still drugs, still murder and thieving but Whacker and the crew are putting a stop to it, once you’re in da Hood, da BoyZ are watching. Da BoyZ have a strict policy, Sunday is God's day and you will find da Whacker Gang at Church, dressed in der Sunday suits, we welcome all to come join us to praise da almighty, share a few bevys and puff a little grass. During da week it is strictly business, collecting donations and distributing da wealth. Da crew have created a charity called “Da KidZ on Da Grove”, we support da forgotten kids, da kids walking da block at night, we get them off da street and into da care of da Crew, grooming them into fine citizens ready to take on da world. Da Crib Da BoyZ lay their head on Forum Drive, right next door to da Grove. It's not much, and it's gets cramped, but its home. Could really use a washing machine though, sick of washing da threads in da sink. Da Joint Whacker has a taste for fine Ballet, and plans to turn the run down, disgusting Vanilla Unicorn into a tasteful and respectful establishment where bitc...... Umm ladies, can come and do the graceful elegant art of Ballet - Naked, and on poles. Da BoyZ Whacker Smacker - ScottyDontNZ Gangster - DrFrank Gangster - Zeby Gangster - Blade Gangster - Benji Gangster - Maniac Prospect - TBD Prospect- TBD Activities Whacker helps with a charity 'Da KidZ on Da Grove'. He collects donations from organisations and individuals who would like to conduct business on da Grove. Some organisations lose hardware or people that need to be tracked down, da BoyZ take contracts from anyone who needs help recovering these assets. Sometimes these organisations need their rubbish collected and dumped in a secluded area. Whacker and Da BoyZ hand out candy to the citizens around da Grove. They love it! They get on a real sugar high and just want more! Good stuff. On Sundays da boys don their finest attire and go to church, all are welcomed.
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  15. JOB GUIDE : FISHERMAN Love the ocean breeze? Imagine yourself catching fish into the sunset? Well look no further then this job! STEP 1: Go to the job centre (Purple 'i' on the map) and select the fisherman job in the menu.(Press ESC to open your map) Using your up/down arrow key hover over the Fisherman Job and press ENTER. The rank should look like this - FISHERMAN - NOVICE, as shown in the image below. STEP 2: Once received the rank (Top left of your screen) you will need to head to the 'Fisherman's Locker Room' Shown in the image below, Once at the Fisherman's Locker Room proceed to the blip at the door of the office and press E, this will open a menu stating ' WORKERS CLOTHES or CIVILIAN CLOTHES' hover over WORKERS CLOTHES and press ENTER this should put your uniform on. STEP 3: Once in WORKERS CLOTHES, Proceed around the corner where there will be another Yellow Blip and press 'E' to spawn the Benson (FISHERMAN TRUCK). Be mindful its recommended to lock the truck so no one steals your fish that you have fished. STEP 4: Once the Benson has spawned, proceed to the Boat Spawn point shown below on the map. STEP 5: Spawn the Boat and head out in a westerly direction, towards the Hook icon and you will come across a large yellow circle, from here you will drive the boat into the circle and exit the drivers seat and press 'E' to start fishing, once your inventory is full (100 Fish MAX) you will then be required to head back to your Benson and empty your inventory. NOTE: YOU CAN STORE UP TO 3000 FISH IN THE TRUCK SO REPEAT STEP 5 UNTIL THE TRUCK IS FULL. STEP 6: Once the truck is full, Head down to the sell point as shown below on the image provided, From here you will need to pull 100 fish out of the Benson at a time and press 'E' to start selling in the STEP 7: When you sell all your fish and earned some good cash, and possibly promoted, you can head back to fishing or return your truck back at the locker room at the red circle to the right of the driveway and return back to your Civilian Clothes by following 'STEP 2' and continue to live your life in Los Santos. NOTE: WHEN YOU GET PROMOTED WHILE SELLING, YOU MAY NEED TO GO BACK TO THE LOCKER ROOM AND PUT YOU CIV CLOTHES BACK ON THEN PUT YOUR WORKER CLOTHES BACK ON TO PROCEED SELLING. Any issues or questions please do not be afraid to ask in our help and support chat on our discord or simply using the /report command in game to talk to online staff.
  16. Los Santos Emergency Services - Ambulance Division Application Section 1: Requirements Application Type: a. Primary / Volunteer (Delete the not applicable option) b. Initial Application / Returning Member (Delete the not applicable option) c. If Returning, last callsign & rank, (Optional) date of discharge - Check the Roster (EMS), Pick the FIRST vacant 4C (Cadet) callsign - there isnt any but if it just adds on then it would be 4C-26 1. Do you have a working Microphone? Yes 2. Are you proficient in English (Speaking, Understanding, and Writing)? Yes 3. Do you have Teamspeak & Discord installed? Yes 4. Are you able to use Teamspeak at all times while on duty? Yes Section 2: In-Character Information 1. Full Name - Rhys Holden 2. Age - 17 3. Prior Education/Training: -i have worked as a medic on a different island (in arma 3) 4. Current Occupation -Nothing 5. What would you like to achieve in the ES? -become a paramedic to save lives 6. Criminal History (List each in a new line) - i wouldnt know what i have right now 7. Do you have associations with any criminal faction(s)? No Section 3: Out-of-Character Information 1. In-Game Name -Rhys Holden 2. Discord Name and ID - Rice#8829 3. Country & Timezone -western australia -AWST 4. Server rule breaches/misconduct history (List each in a new line) - i have a couple warns, one for metagame because i walked into a bank without knowing there was a robbery happening i dont remember the second one 5. Any Past Medical RP Experience -yes, i used to play as a medic on an arma 3 server called underbelly arma 6. If there's one thing you can change in the ES, what would it be? - i wouldnt know cause it seems pretty good -
  17. "LOST Motorcycle Club" General Information Many citizens of Los Santos may already be familiar with the Motorcycle Club the "LOST" from its previous endeavors under the president "Luke Lost", an interesting character who seemed to have been exiled from the city a few years back. As the previous members of LOST MC we wish to bring back the Club but in a different style, Indulging in alternative activities such doing charity rides to make the rare E75 fuel from Paleto bay more widely available to the poor of the city, and Barbeques at our Club house to create a sense of community among fellow motorcycle lovers. As the new and improved LOST MC, we aim to go back to our roots of when the LOST first began. When it was just a couple of mates from the army looking to honor their fallen brothers, while consuming lucrative amounts of drugs and being proper role models to the adolescent of this great city. Members and Ranks President: Michael Peni (pleb) Vice President: Bobby Knuckles (Bobby Knuckles) Secretary: SGT At Arms: Jax Young (Cetrix) Road Captain: Jack Michaelson (Why) Enforcer: (MudcrabWarrior) Patch Member: (Switch) Non Lucrative Activities Club House Events e.g. Barbeques, Bike meets, Charity Rides. Stopping Local Bullies. Helping the residents at the rehabilitation center stay drug free. Lucrative Activities Selling Drugs we gotta put food on the table and E75 in our bikes somehow. Club House The Clubhouse is a group of buildings on the north side of Mirror Park Boulevard in East Vinewood next to the Vinewood Race track and Casino Uniforms / Clothing Lost MC uniform will be any pieces of clothing providing a LOST MC Leather Vest or Jacket is Worn Vehicles Members of LOST MC are not limited by any means to the motorcycle they ride providing it isn't a sports or off road orientated motorcycle LOST MC Cars LOST Burrito Gang Van LOST Slam Van
  18. So the only reason you joined was because there wasnt enough ems on, not for role play or anything
  19. Los Santos Emergency Services - Resignation Form Callsign: - 4C-04 Name: - Zhao Cheng Lin Reason for Termination: - When I was playing around on my civ character, I used to die a lot and there weren't many ems or no one responded to my calls. So I got a bit frustrated and I gave up my civ character and signed up for ems. When I just drive around saving people and talking to them as RP, it's really fun but the job doesn't really fit right in my comfort zone. when I'm doing my job, it gets really boring but you still need to be alert ingame so that you make the fastest response possible but when you are waiting, you can't do much on your pc and when I'm on my phone I get distracted and doesn't work out. But before like I said, I only joined because there weren't enough people on as ems but now I think there is a sufficient amount and now I would like to have the freedom with my civ character. Sorry if I am resigning too recent but I have stated the reason above for why. Do you wish to return in the future? - Well if the same issue pops up again and again, then I'll probably join again stay for a month or two and wait for more EMS to join and maybe stay with that job and quit another job as a civ.
  20. Hi All. Here are the update notes for tomorrow's (13/12/2018) update! Changes Wheels will now lock to the position you left them in when exiting the car (Server Suggestion) Player Name will now appear in Distress Beacon messages, and EMS can use /er (name) instead (Server Suggestion) Weapon holster model will change depending on whether your gun is drawn, i.e when you draw your pistol, it is removed from the holster Players can now choose to spawn at either City Hospital or Harmony Pharmacy /info command added to display your information / balance. Therefore we will be removing the UI in the top right (Server Suggestion) City Raptor is no longer a silent car, and has some handling tweaks Patreon Tier 2 and FDF can now change their number plates at Michael's Mansion (Patreon Lodge) Prison break now has a cop limit of 8, now that initial testing is complete. Prison breaks should not happen every single time someone is put in jail, but rather be a mini event, similar to Pacific Standard. We have also changed breakout script timings, Prison break script now has as an autolock feature on the gates, so after the third gate is opened, a 5 minute timer is started, after which the gates auto lock. EMS MDT will now be in full affect, with abilities similar to cops such as call history, quick call for PD / Mechanics / Supervisor. The difference being the EMS MDT does NOT include BOLOs. Obviously. /er changed to take words instead of a phone number. Example: /er Blake Sanderson EMS will now be able to see each other on the map PD can run license plate checks by manually entering a number plate (Rego Checks) New Additions Hunting Job New sub job, does NOT require you to get the job at a job center. The job is conducted in Paleto Bay, and the Chilliad Mountain Wilderness. You will be required to source your own weapon, and knife (now purchasable from Ammunation) BOLO System for Police Police will now have BOLOs in their menu, to keep track of criminals they are searching for. It stores information such as name, description and location. The police radars will also have the ability to detect vehicle BOLOs. They will be alerted if the vehicle in front has an active BOLO Server Event Over the next 12 days, there will be a Christmas themed scavenger hunt. Each day you will need to find visit Santa at legion square to get a hint, and locate one ped for a special item. After the hunt is complete, you can hand in your items for a reward! If you manage to collect every single item, you will also receive a bonus!
  21. Hi All! Sorry for the late notes. I promise this won't happen again until next week! As for changes, there was not a whole lot this week due to the dev team doing exams, going on holidays and becoming pro rocket league players... Changes Drug rehab center sell point disabled. This was never designed to be a spot where you could repeatedly sell drugs, and people exploiting the traffic forced us to remove it. At this point in time, there is no new sell location, however next week we will be shuffling the locations, and all existing drug locations and prices will be changed. A few changes to the PD cars, such as minor handling tweaks and livery changes. We I also accidentally made the City Raptor have no sound. The weather system has been redone, which now has presets, to avoid going from snowy to extra sunny... There is also weather forecasts from famous Aussie weather reporters, which will tell you the upcoming conditions. ELS was updated, ever so slightly less terrible Changed the clothing models for the duty belt and radio. They look awesome (pics at bottom) Option to remove all tattoos at tattoo shops. Note: this will remove all tattoos. There is no option to remove one, sorry! F6 menu now works from drivers seat of PD cars PD cars lights and sirens all now work using Q and ALT Speed radar update to include ALPR You can now shuffle between sheets using /shuffle Admins and mods can do some more thing with their admin menus Morrrrrrrre logging Fixed car thief AOP bug. AOP will now apply for car thief (where you start from) New Cars The M3E46 has a new model, which is wayyy beter Stainer, offroad sedan GT17, super car GMT900 Escalade, a big truck which will ruin your day New duty belt pics
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  23. At this time a second Car dealer or Mechanic is not going to be implemented.
  24. "This is not an RP Server,this is a Life Server" -Staff Dosnt matter how hard you try or how good your RP is,you will always face punishments if your RP goes against the law. Sad to say but many people on this Server have no interest to do any actual RP. Especially not the Cops as they are understaffed and overwhelemd by the amount of BS the Players give them so they just try to get each call over whit asap but on the outher side the current generation is also poorly trained and many arent serious enought about it. Also you have to see that they try to walk a thin line of realism and fun in the game,wich is why SWAT also does normal Duties,also in the current state of the Server they need every officer they can get. Then you need to check your facts.. First being in Police isnt nearly the highest paying job the pay is actually pretty bad. Besides that the amount of Active Officers has ben pretty low lately.. "Asspulling" isnt a thing anymore everyone can have 1 two handed weapon slinged to his back,this also counts for Civilians further the Rules that favor the Police is not because they want an unfair advantage but its due to how the Players on this server act. Specificly the Rule to comply whit police for misendamors. It was lifted a Month back and the entire Server became a Pursuit Simulator as literally no one would pull over anymore and instead imidiatly run. The Police and the Staff simply respond to how the Civs play. As an example from me whenever i try to Detain someone while holding a Tazer at them they imidiatly attack me or pull a gun due to that next time i will use a Lethal Weapon instead. Cops arent OP they can be easily outgunned and outplayed but people just go yollo it if they actually put togheter a plan they can easaly succed. Also i know its a huge issue whit Corrupt Cops, that is a thing that can only be dealt whit IC wich complicates it imensly. And i agree and even expect Staff to slowly start dealing whit it themselves as it completly destroyes the server and is a downwards spiral as when civs see the cops not following laws they wont either. Whit the Drugs i totally aggree. The new server was supposed to discurage illigal activities and hostile RP instead it did pretty much the Oposite. But i have started taht topic plenty of times but Staff does not want to change anything.
  25. The server obviously revolves around the police, usually the majority of the players on the server at any one time are police, they are the highest paying job on the server (despite them having terrible pay in real life), and they get rules specifically to benefit them and only them, such as being able to ass-pull 2 handed weapons, having a rule that forces people to pull over in traffic stops (literally the definition of 'power gaming'), and getting cars that can hit lightspeed in half a second. They also break the very laws they are supposed to enforce all the time, usually road rules, and just because they're cops they get absolutely zero repercussions. I also see 'SWAT' officers pulling people over and doing simple traffic stops and whatnot all the time, which is NOT what Swat officers should be doing and is extremely unrealistic RP, but nobody seems to care because, y'know, they're cops. Realism and 'roleplay' gets thrown out the window when it comes to cops on this server. But sadly, this seems to be the trend on nearly every RP server out there, the cops are the main aspect and everything else revolves around them. Another thing that I don't agree with is drugs, and how they basically make up the entire economy on the server. If you want to be rich on this server, you have no choice but to get into the drug business, or at least it is BY FAR the quickest way to get rich. Sure, it's illegal, but I rarely, if ever, see cops actually bust people for trafficking drugs, and even if they do, chances are that person is already filthy rich so whatever fine they might get doesn't even phase them. The highest paying legal job I know of is fishing, and even if you spend 2 hours straight getting fish, you'd be lucky to get 200k, but in the same amount of time with drugs, you'd probably make 500k. For me at least, it really takes away from the RP knowing that practically everyone driving expensive cars/bikes around are most likely drug lords. There is no variety in the roleplay, and most of the legal jobs become obsolete after you've made enough money to start buying and selling drugs. There needs to be more risk surrounding drugs. If you get caught, you shouldn't just get a fine and then be thrown in jail for like 20 minutes, you should have that character thrown in prison for days, and in the meantime, you have to play on a different character. Or maybe have it so known criminals can have a tracker (an ankle monitor) put on them, which shows the cops where they are at all times which would make it much harder for them to engage in illegal activities in the future. At least that way you'd actually be discouraged from doing illegal stuff, instead of being encouraged, and the variety of roleplay would be greatly increased instead of the server being a police and drug lord haven. But as much as I'd love to see drugs on the server get nerfed, if it means making the cops EVEN MORE OP, then I'd rather them stay as is. Whinge over. Sorry for hijacking the thread.
  26. As someone who has been on different role-play servers for nearly 5 years, it disappoints me to have to have this whinge. (petty bitch incoming). Role-playing becomes very boring and stagnant if you power game or don't let the role-play "work itself out". What do I mean by this? "Power-gaming (or power gaming) is a style of interacting with games or game-like systems, particularly video games, board games, and role-playing games, with the aim of maximising progress towards a specific goal, to the exclusion of other considerations such as storytelling, atmosphere and camaraderie. Due to its focus on the letter of the rules over the spirit of the rules, it is often seen as unsporting, un-fun, or unsociable." By definition, going by the 'rules' one hundred percent of the time is just repetitive and boring. I do not mean server rules, they should be followed 100% of the time. My complaint is about the way certain players use their powers as Police officers. This evening I was playing as a homeless ex-vet. I was stumbling around the street and was role-playing as a bit of a bum. The cops arrived and threw the public intox spiel at me. At one stage I did use the /me smells of alcohol. Rather than offering assistance in the form of a hotel / support services, I was arrested and taken to the police station, fined $1,000 and thrown in jail. Let me reiterate... I was a homeless character without a home or money... and had been fined $1,000. The first breathalyzer was role-played as 0.00 BAC. The officer went out to his car and brought in his alleged 'infallible' breathalyzer. Again it was role-played as 0.00 BAC. The officer then said "I don't know what device you're looking at... mine says 1.07". I believe this would come under 'power gaming'. My intention with the character was to pose as previously a drug addict however the role-play was essentially cut. My main concern isn't that I was fined or what not. It was the fact that the police (it may be a small percentage) rarely break from their plastic mould of 'law book'. I would ask that there be more compromise and open ended roleplay enjoyed. A second issue I have. There was a situation shortly after the above where both myself and another were arrested for seperate offences (him GTA, me allegedly firing a gun in public). The other guy was taken to jail essentially immediately whilst I stood on the side of the road with the Officer I was being arrested by while he waited for a lift back to PD. When I was finally processed and put in jail the other guy (who had the exact same length sentence) was already half way into his sentence. Now I understand there has to be jail and all of that good stuff. However as a civillian there is literally 0 roleplay possibility whilst standing in jail or being processed. I had been in cuffs for 10 + minutes, processed for 5+ minutes and then jailed for 10 minutes. I dunno ... I just feel a little discouraged about playing. Why would people want to play as civillian and roleplay a situation... if all that is going to result is 30 seconds of roleplay and then 25+ minutes of being in cuffs standing doing nothing. It's probably me being salty or a sore loser. Anyway... if you've got this far... thanks for reading my whinge / bitch. Have a good night.
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