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  2. Highway Patrol Application Section 1 - Requirements 1.1) Do you have a working Microphone? Yes 1.2) Are you proficient in English (Speaking, Understanding, and Writing)? Yes 1.3) Do you have associations with any criminal faction(s)? No 1.4) Do you have Discord & Teamspeak installed? Yes 1.5) Are you able to use Teamspeak at all times while on duty? Yes 1.6) If there was 3 police on would you go on duty ? Yes 1.7) Are you rank Officer 3 or above on the character selected below ? I am officer 1 The reason 1.7 is so important is to ensure that the best of the best are selected. This makes you the first place others will turn to for guidance and others will look to as a role model, your conduct is on display. By continuing below you are agreeing to lead by example. Section 2 - Personality Profile 2.1) Do you possess Integrity, Selflessness, and Professionalism? Yes 2.2) Can you work and function alone and as part of a team? Yes 2.3) Are you precise and accurate when completing tasks? Yes 2.4) Can you uphold the Code of Conduct behind the uniform? Yes 2.5) Do you have others that can vouch for your professionalism ? HyperUp Section 3 - In-Character Information (Server Character) 3.1) Full Name (IGN): Joshua Howard 3.2) Steam Name : Joshy. H 3.3) Age: 17 3.4) Prior Education/Training?? Was a lspd surpervisor before i left and things change also a hwp highcommand on lsnz before it was shut down 3.5) Prior Employment/Experience (Company/Duties/Positions): lspd Officer on here hwp highcommand on lsnz and The head of sherrif on Ultimate Rp 3.6) Ever arrested/convicted of a felony crime ? If so, explain.: No 3.7) Why do you want to join the Highway Patrol ? (minimum of 60 words) I want to to join the Highway patrol because i want to go on highways and i have fun on highways then city or county 3.8) What makes you a good candidate to join Los Santos Highway Patrol ? (minimum of 60 words) What makes me a good candidate is that i learn hard great listener and obey rules 3.9) Additional information about yourself: (minimum of 60 words) Place answer here. i am 17 my dream is to join the Hwp when i am little older i am a hard worker, great listener and obey rules and commands that are given Section 4 - Out-Of-Character Information (In real Life) 4.1) Discord / Forum name: Joshy. H 4.2) Age: 17 4.3) Country: Australia 4.4) Timezone GMT : AEST +10 4.5) Do you play on other servers? If so, which and how long? i did play on ultimate RP but i left that because the owner wasn't listening to us and lsnz before shut down 4.6) Past Police RP Experience: es Lspd supervisor before i left and things change 4.7) What do you think needs improving for Highway Patrol ?Nothing 4.8) Where do you think Highway Patrol is required to be on duty ? Hwp is required to be on teamspeak when on duty 4.9) What do you think is good about Highway Patrol ? Everything 4.10) If you were in control, what would you change, improve, add, take away? Nothing 4.11) Anything else OOC that you think you can contribute to your application or the faction? No thanks
  3. Why that is not very helpfull to me and i don't like it
  4. Could you please correct your in character information. its for ingame in formation only
  5. I was trying to RP a police complaint but all 3 of you just wanted to put us in jail and be done with it. All 3 of you refused to RP all you wanna do is shoot people.
  6. I was at this scene and I would compleatly disregard this comment cause the the shit you pulled there. You completely wasted time for everyone, I don’t like that you came and attacked him in his application.
  7. -1 His attitude towards civilians when processing them.
  8. I have never been hostile to anyone especially staff??
  9. -1 seen plenty of Hostile rp from him and plenty staff issues about him
  10. Los Santos Fire Department Application Section 1: Requirements Application Type: Primary Did you sign up on the Roster? Yes Have you received your callsign? If so, provide it here: -No 1. Do you have a working Microphone? Yes 2. Are you proficient in English (Speaking, Understanding, and Writing)? Yes 3. Do you have associations with any criminal faction(s)? No 4. Do you have Discord installed? Yes 5. Are you able to use Discord at all times while on duty? Yes Section 2: In-Character Information 1. Full Name Cyle Wood 2. Age 16 3. Prior Education/Training: -Studying Yr11 -Air Force Cadets Training (Australian) 4. Current Occupation: non 5. Desired career goal in the FD To develop a understanding and the knowledge in the LSFD 6. Reason for application To learn and develop new skills 7. Employment History (List each in a new line) -Dominos employer -KFC Employer 8. What can you bring to the team - Dedication, team work, hard work and my full commitment to the work i will be assigned too 9. Criminal History (List each in a new line) - Non Section 3: Out-of-Character Information 1. In-Game Name - COUNTRYBOI 2. Discord Name and ID - Cyle Wood#7057 3. Gender - Male 4. Age -16 5. Country & Timezone -Australia -AEST 6. Server rule breaches/misconduct history (List each in a new line) - 7. Any Past Medical RP Experience -No 8. What do you think needs improving for FD/EMS? If you were in control, what would you change, improve, add, take away? - I think the game needs more active ems as i never see any on when im on and im on actively 10. Any referees? - Jackson 11. Anything else OOC that you think you can contribute to your application or the faction? - No Sorry
  11. Yesterday
  12. If that is the case in this situation I will change my comment. Thanks for letting me know
  13. Not necessarily if the Sheriff (Sachhi) feels like the applicant is fitting for the PDeputy Position then if all means he can be transferred. , Havent had a chance to play with you yet but by reading through your app, you seem like a great Officer willing to do many things that some officers wouldnt really do, and being a sheriff on a different server would definitely make you respect your position very much
  14. I would of preferred you to ask what happened first, but it’s your opinion.
  15. Great Recurit Awesome rp knows his 10 codes knows what he is doing at a robbery and would be just what county needs
  16. +1 He is a great recruit and will make a great county officer
  17. Sheriff's Department Application BE ADVISED DO NOT ANSWER WITH 1 WORD RESPONSES UNLESS STATED WITH YES/NO Section 1 - Requirements 1.1) Do you have a working Microphone? (Yes/No) Place answer here. Yes 1.2) Do you have associations with any criminal faction(s)? Place answer here. Yes LUNATIX MC - Hangaround 1.3) Do you have Discord installed? (Yes/No) Place answer here. Yes 1.4) Are you able to use Discord at all times while on duty? (Yes/No) Place answer here. Yes 1.5) What is the 10-code for a traffic stop? Place answer here. 10-11 is the 10 Code for a Traffic stop Section 2 - General Information 2.1) First Name: Place answer here. Jonathan 2.2) Last Name: Place answer here. Burkhardt 2.3) Gender: Place answer here. Male 2.4) Age: Place answer here. 28 Section 3 - Language Proficiency & Licenses 3.1) Can you speak to others in English proficiently? (Yes/No): Place answer here. Yes i can 3.2) Can you write to others in English proficiently? (Yes/No): Place answer here. Yes i can Section 4 - Your Qualifications 4.1) What experience do you have that could be valuable to the department? Place answer here. I have been Sheriff on 2 different servers and I've made it to LT in city on another. 4.2) What would you say is the most valuable trait that you possess? Please explain how that could benefit the LSPD. Place answer here. Teamwork and Leadership, Always looking after your fellow Officers no matter if you like them or not you get their back in any situation if you're available. 4.3) Please list and explain all prior Employment/Education/Training that you may have that qualifies you for a position: Place answer here. Former Sheriff for FLE, Former Sheriff for Ultimate RP. 4.4) If hired please list and explain the things that you would like to see changed in the department or city: Place answer here. I'd like to see more officers willing to backup any officers that are in dire need of assistance and that recruits can ride-along with anyone as they cant write citations and it would be better to learn out in field. 4.5) Have you ever been arrested/convicted of a felony crime? Explain: Place answer here. GTA - Arrested as i pulled up on robbery to report and they found that my car was stolen i received a $5000 fine and no jail time. 4.6) Please provide a short biography about yourself and why you believe you are qualified ((MINIMUM 150 WORDS)): Place answer here. My name is Bryce Meddings AKA Blitz, I joined LSLA about 1 1/2 Months ago, I am enjoying my time here and especially my time in PD over the past week, I enjoy Playing with the friendly people and talking with the friendly people on the Discord. I'm 16 live in Victoria I'm generally able to play 3-9 weeknights and all day Saturday Bar Outside activities on Sunday / Tuesday / Tuesday / Friday. I'm pretty positive and try to keep a cool head whilst on duty but if I'm getting frustrated i will take myself away for 5 mins get a drink chill to some music then come back when i can function well with my team. I believe that its important to address issues head on and that even if you don't like another Officer that you should still have their back while your on duty take me and Joshy for example I didn't exactly like him for a while but we worked on our issues and we're friends again. When it comes to my fellow officers safety that's Number one. I always try to make meetings but sometimes i cant so I inform the meeting host that I wont be able to attend and that I would need to be filled in later, and that I'm terribly sorry. Thank you for learning and reading this little bit of info bout me. ( I think that's 150 I'm not too sure if it is less then I'm willing to fill out a new Application) Section 5 - Out-of-Character Information 5.1) LSLA Forum Name: Place answer here. Byzniz ( I changed by Discord to Blitz recently.) 5.2) LSLA Forum Profile Link: Place answer here. http://www.fatduckgaming.com/index.php?/profile/391-byzniz/ 5.4) LSLA Alternate Character(s): Place answer(s) here. Sarah Baker ( Deleting that one very soon) / Jonathan Burkhardt (PD) / Jackson Mc'Gideon ( LUNATIX MC HANGAROUND ) 5.5) Alternate Character Forum Link(s) (if multiple LSLA accounts): Place answer(s) here. Negative I'm deleting my ALT accounts 5.6) Do you have any characters, that have a senior/leadership role in a different faction? If yes, which faction and rank? Place answer(s) here. Negative - No Senior Positions 5.7) Have you ever had an admin punishment with this, or any character on LSLA? If yes, please explain. Place answer(s) here. No Admin punishment at this time. 5.8) Past Police / Medical RP experience: Place answer here. Sheriff @ UltimateRP / UnderSheriff @UltimateRP / City LT @UlitmateRP / Commisoner @ UltimateRP 5.9) Do you have any in-game Police or Medical professional references? Place answer(s) here. Joshy.H Plasma43 5.10) Please provide your Discord name and ID: Place answer here. About Yourself Blitz#2595 Section 6 - Personal information (Out-of-Character) 6.1) First Name: Place answer here. Bryce 6.2) Gender: Place answer here. Male 6.3) Age: Place answer here. 16 6.4) Country: Place answer here. Australia 6.5) Timezone: Place answer here. AU - EST 6.6) Additional Information about yourself that you consider beneficial to the department? Place answer here. I care about everyone and that if anybody ever wants to talk I'm all ears and willing to help,
  18. +1 makes a hell of a good county officer and will make a hell of a good swat officer
  19. -1 Your a good officer but seeing u on your police character as civ i think u arent ready for swat
  20. CONGRATS! Welcome to the Highway Patrol. Your New call sign is HWY-T1 LOCKED AND ARCHIVED
  21. -1 Needs to work on coms but is a good officer. Dont stop trying!
  22. Last week
  23. Thanks for your feedback mate I agree with you and I am already working on fixing my cig interaction and my com stopping, I really thank you for your time to give me feedback.
  24. Could you please re do your IN character information so it doesnt have any mentions of Fivem and GTA online. In character info is for your actual character on the server. Thanks
  25. +1 Has Really Improved And Stepped Up He Started PD A Little Shaky As All And Think He Has Turned Into A Great Officer And Someone I Would Have Watching My Back In Many Situations. He Has Shown What He Can Do In County And Think He Will Be A Great Addition To Swat
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